Adidas Terrex Parlay Boat Shoes and Terrex Parlay Tee

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Adidas Terrex Parlay Boat shoes and Terrex Parlay Tee — Ocean Plastic Pollution Solution

A massive amount of plastic trash ends up in our oceans every year. The ocean currents have formed five gigantic slow moving whirlpools where the plastic collects, nicknamed Vortex.

Recent studies indicate that at least 40 million pounds of plastic has accumulated and is floating in the North Pacific Ocean alone. The majority if the plastic debris remains in the Vortexes, however a significant percentage of it washes onto our coastlines daily.

The big challenge is to retrieve the floating plastic out of the open sea. The majority has broken down into small pieces ¼ inch or smaller. The plastic trash is scattered over massive areas and is not easily visible or collected. It is difficult to collect the plastic without harming fish and other sea life. Only a minority of the plastic is on the surface, the majority sinks to the ocean floor. But a huge part of the plastic debris is washing up on beaches where it can be collected by the global Parlay clean up network, which is a big part of the solution. To end plastic pollution for good, we have to go further and create new materials that replace the existing plastic.

Along with our partnership with Parlay…we have developed a yarn that can be woven into shoes. Our goal is to make 1 million pairs of shoes this year from the plastic bottles floating in the oceans.

Our new Terrex Parlay Boat shoes and Terrex Parlay Tee are the first 2 products made with the Parlay developed yarn – available this spring at

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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