AORE Announces Inclusive Outdoor Recreation Summit


The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) recently launched registration for its Inclusive Outdoor Recreation Summit to be held virtually November 2-4, 2021.

This multi-day virtual summit will center on increasing inclusive practices in regard to wilderness medicine, climbing and workplace culture. AORE is hosting this three-day summit to provide attendees with a wider recognition of exclusionary practices within outdoor recreation and education, and to help them gain better understanding of how they can actively work to make change as leaders in the industry.

The AORE Summit looks to have the following outcomes:

  • Increase awareness of exclusionary practices and behaviors.
  • Professional development with actionable takeaways to increase inclusiveness within attendee programs.
  • Small group discussions that encourage deeper conversation.
  • Explore training and career opportunities and discuss underlying barriers for advancement.

This event is for people who facilitate outdoor recreation and education programs — either through guiding, training or simply encouraging people to get outdoors. AORE intentionally designed a virtual event to best meet the needs of attendees. As a result it is offering single day registrations, full three-day registrations and group rates for up to 50 people.

Contact Jeannette Stawski, the executive director for AORE, with your questions via emailing or by calling 810.299.2782.

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