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Help enhance your locker experience by exploring our shared–use line of locker locks! Building upon nearly 60 years of experience in the lock industry, Zephyr Lock (www.zephyrlock.com) has developed the most complete line of products to fit nearly any application.  Zephyr Lock offers a complete line of cost-effective, shared-use locks, engineered to streamline the user experience and foster an upscale presentation for your clientele. By choosing a shared-use lock over traditional, open space locker solutions such as keyed locks or user supplied padlocks, facilities can reduce the total number of openings needed to meet storage demands. Administrators and maintenance workers also save time by eliminating the need to replace broken, lost or stolen keys.

Our Electronic RFID locks are fully programmable, and can be customized to your facility’s requirements and security needs. The electronic RFID versions offer time based operation, audit trail, and have the capability to be paired with many member ID badges utilizing RFID technology. They are also extremely versatile in that they can be retrofitted onto most single point and multi point metal, wood, laminate, and plastic lockers.

Our electronic keypad locks deliver greatly extended battery life, in a high end design that allows for surface or recessed mounting for a low profile design to accentuate your locker room’s appearance.  All of our electronic locks also have the capability to be programmed for assigned lockers as well, where they hold a permanent combination.

In addition to electronic offerings, Zephyr Lock also offers mechanical shared use solutions that are maintenance free.  The mechanical shared use locks are the ideal choice for high volume applications, especially in facilities with high traffic in their locker rooms.  With no need for batteries, maintenance time and associated costs can be reduced significantly.

In the event of forgotten combinations, all models feature supervisory access via an override card or control key for management to gain access to the lockers.

For more information visit zephyrlock.com.


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