Group Exercise Systems: A Tool for Instructors

Group Exercise Systems

When reinventing your group exercise program, it is key to take a look at the trends that are forming across the industry. The trend that is currently booming is incorporating Group Exercise Systems into fitness centers. It is becoming more well known among the general public that measuring heart rate and other fitness metrics, while exercising, is one of the best ways to ensure an effective and efficient workout. With a rising popularity in the wearable market there are plenty of people who find their heart rate, step count, cadence and similar information interesting, but it is unclear just how many people understand why this data is important and how to use it.

Group Exercise Systems are the Solution

Imagine a fitness class where the instructor has access to members’ workout data. Group Exercise Systems allow just that while displaying members’ live metrics for the entire class. Generally, when people sign up for a group workout class, they want and expect to receive individual attention. When individual fitness metrics get put into the hands of an instructor it becomes possible to personalize a group workout class and to coach their members based on the information they are seeing. Having the opportunity to view and assess the member’s data provides members with the service they are looking for. This individual attention can take a fitness program from good to great.

Additionally, Group Exercise Systems encourage instructors to evaluate their own “coaching” or instructing efforts. With a quick glance at the display instructors can determine whether their members are reaching their goals. Is the class set up in a way that allows participants adequate time to recover? Are participants getting into their proper zones during interval training? Is the class able to maintain the instructor’s requested cadence? Group Exercise Systems have the capability to answer these questions, making them one of the most effective health tools for fitness facilities.

Tracking Progress

Group Exercise Systems were designed with the instructor/member experience in mind. The live biofeedback motivates members to work harder, faster and longer while the data storage capabilities make it possible for members to track their progress. With most systems, members are sent a workout report following each class. The information is laid out in user-friendly charts that allow members to view their daily progress. More advanced systems allow members to access stored information and view progress over time. Instructors also have access to group and individual reports, making it possible to further personalize their program for members. Building this instructor/member relationship has statistically proven to build bigger classes with better results and less attrition.

By reinventing your fitness program with Group Exercise Systems, you not only provide great service and benefits for your members, but also make a significant investment in the quality and success of your program.


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