Keep it Simple: The Value of Simplicity in Selecting Fitness Programming Solutions


Whether you’re trying to determine the cause of low attendance in your group fitness programming, navigate how to increase awareness about your fitness services and offerings, or simply trying to determine what new fitness programming your population is interested in seeing next, the solutions to your most burning questions are much easier than you might expect: Keep it simple.

In this presentation, Brittany Baldwin, the assistant director of Fitness at Florida International University, will discuss how oftentimes, the most obvious and simple solutions are exactly what we need to get over whatever proverbial “hump” or challenge we’re experiencing in maximizing optimization and utilization of our fitness programs and services.

Baldwin will address some of the most common questions and stumbling blocks plaguing professionals when it comes to fitness program evaluation. She will also share solutions about how to overcome these matters by drawing upon effective strategies she has utilized in her professional experience.

By attending this session attendees will learn the follow fitness programming solutions:
  1. How to effectively identify areas in need of improvement within fitness services and programs.
  2. What strategies to use to further clarify and evaluate the factors contributing to the need for improvement.
  3. How to successfully apply the strategies discussed within the presentation to their specific populations and locations to make the necessary improvements.

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