MCore Functional Training Systems Changes the Way Fitness Enthusiasts Workout

MCore Functional Training Systems is changing the way fitness enthusiasts workout with the most versatile piece of training equipment available on the market. Tried and tested by professional athletes, fitness trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, health and fitness clubs, as well as home users, the MCore FTS packs more into its training station than any other piece of fitness equipment currently available in the marketplace.

MCore founder and president, Todd Gates, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach who developed the innovative TS3 as an answer to modern functional training needs. The TS3 is a fully adjustable training station, which accommodates well over 200 exercises and can easily replaces up to 11 pieces of traditional gym equipment. The training station was designed to fit all body types through a number of adjustment options. The patented design forces the user to engage their core and leg muscles, regardless of their position. Activating these muscles helps strengthen the core, increases the intensity of each exercise and burns more calories.

The TS3 has a compact footprint of 29 by 35 inches and a unique seat pad design (22 inches long) that promote full body muscle activation. The seat pad adjusts vertically from 20 to 27 inches and pivots to three different angles (90, 45 and 30). The USA-manufactured MCore TS3 can already be found in top gyms and Division I college training facilities around the country.

As a gym owner, the equipment options are limitless. So, why should you put MCore on your floor? The simplest answer is revenue per square foot. The MCore TS3 conserves space, but delivers more movement options than anything else. MCore also offers a training certification that will help your trainers maximize the use of your TS3. The certification covers all the potential exercises and lays out group training plans for up to five participants.

To complement the training station, MCore offers bands, available in three different resistance levels that can be attached to handles on each of the four legs for upper and lower body workouts. The seat pad can be easily swapped out and replaced with a number of accessories including a dip bar, BOSU BALL for an increased level of instability, a plyo-top for box jumps or step-ups and a weight stack extension which converts the TS3 into a sled which you can push.

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