Renovating Your Pool? Here’s What to Consider

renovating your pool

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Aquatics programs and facilities are an important asset to any campus. They are extremely popular with students and faculty for both recreation and competitive activities, and a well-developed facility can really help with retention rates. But what can you do if you have an older pool that is unappealing or losing water?  

Water loss is more common than you might realize, and the source of the leak is not always obvious. Patching, re-tiling and resurfacing the pool interior are the typical responses to water leaks, but in most cases these are just temporary solutions. All too often, this approach is viewed as being part of a maintenance program.  

However, the costs quickly add up because the results are not effective. There are resurfacing solutions on the market that have been developed specifically to address the renovation needs of commercial and public pools. The most reliable pool lining products carry warranties of up to 10 years and have a life expectancy well beyond that. A high-quality lining will also be reinforced and will feature a slip-resistant texture. While the pool shell itself is the prime suspect for leaks and general deterioration, the pool’s circulation system can often be the source of problems that go unseen and are difficult to solve.  

Concrete and metallic gutter systems can crack or corrode over time to cause hidden damage. In this case, it is recommended you explore installing a new gutter recirculation system. Replacement pool gutters are most commonly fabricated from stainless steel, however PVC options are also available, and are a great cost-effective alternative for indoor pools. 

Timing is everything, and the fall and winter breaks present a perfect opportunity to tackle pool problems without causing disruption. In fact, it’s normal for commercial pool renovation firms to offer attractive discounts for work that can be performed over their slow season. This is generally considered to be November to February each year 

If you do decide to resurface the pool between semesters, explore options that can be installed quickly. A commercial grade PVC pool membrane can typically be fitted inside your existing pool shell in a week or less. This is also the case for PVC pool deck surfaces. However and whenever you decide to tackle your aquatics problems, be sure you choose options that are proven to keep water where you need it to be. 

Aaron Darcy is the marketing director at RenoSys Corporation. For more information about RenoSys, visit or call 800.783.7005.  

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