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upace is a management mobile downloadable app and web-based platform that allows university members to find the optimal time and resources to live a healthier lifestyle on campus. The software allows the university to customize the app to fit their specific needs. The platform seamlessly captures data about peak hours, preferred fitness classes and cardio equipment usage, which helps facilities optimize their planning and operations. No other platform allows universities full control of data collection with custom mobile technology.

upace launched Fall 2015 with an initial set of features and benefits for members and fitness centers at universities of different sizes. In addition to a fully implemented platform and marketing support, university partners were able to request specific added features for their needs.

Stacy Trukowski, the interim executive director of recreation at Rutgers University, shares her experience working with upace.

Campus Rec: How were you introduced to upace?

Stacy Trukowski: I had met with Rachel Koretsky, the founder of upace, to discuss what I was looking for in an app while it was still in development. I really liked her follow through and believed that she would be working directly with us to ensure that the app was working for us. I was right. She has been very involved in the training and marketing on campus. She always responds very quickly to any issues we have had and has worked with us to add or change features that we felt would improve this service. I liked investing in a creative, intelligent recent college graduate.

CR: What are the benefits to your recreation center as a result of working with upace?

ST: I think there have been many benefits. The students are very happy to be able to quickly see what centers are open and how full they are. I think it has helped them plan their workouts better. We have a very large class schedule and the app has provided it in a nice, easy to access, organized way. Our students love it. You can also sign up for classes, so for some of our most popular classes the students love knowing that they have a spot. We do get several requests a year from groups that want specific workout times — women, individuals with disabilities, LGBT communities. This app has allowed them to watch all the gyms and find the times when the gyms are less crowded so they can feel more comfortable working out. The app provides easy access to a lot of information instead of having to navigate through our website.

CR: What else can you tell other rec professionals about benefits of working with upace?

ST: It is one of the only apps that I have found that provides all of this. We have five fitness facilities on campus, so this has been a great way of having all our fitness info in one place with easy access. I have to say as a director, I love that I can view how many students are using the gym at any time, from anywhere. I actually am surprised at times how patterns change.

For more information on upace and how it can benefit your rec center, click the banner below. 

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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