Stay Open by Planning Ahead

planning ahead

Running a recreation and wellness center requires you serve your customers, regardless of market conditions. Planning ahead can help your facility stay open — no matter what the crisis. Whether it’s natural disasters, bad publicity or a global pandemic, you need to make sure you spend time making plans for events you hope will never happen.

Know Your Risks

The two biggest mistakes organizations make are failing to identify a potential threat and underestimating the severity of a known threat. So, after completing a risk assessment you will be able to determine the greatest threats and their potential impact on each function or process. 

For a list of natural hazards that may affect your location, use the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s ZIP code tool to identify hazards in your area and generate a customized list of projects that can reduce your risk.

Know Your Operations

Your ability to respond quickly to any type of disruption could make the difference between survival and closure. Determine the maximum amount of time you can endure being closed after a disaster occurs by identifying your key functions and processes.

Know Your Employees

Make sure you record information about all employees so you can contact each person at any time.

Know Your Key Customers, Contacts, Suppliers and Vendors

Be sure to record information about your current suppliers, those you could use as an alternative, and your members and key contacts.

Know Your Technology

Back up data and records that are vital to perform the critical functions. Also, be sure they are backed up on one or more types of media. The goal is to ensure your data and IT systems are available as you resume operations.

Know Your Finances

The time to prepare your finances is before a disaster occurs. Preparing your organization financially now so it is ready to respond, recover and continue operating is key. It’s also just as critical as knowing exactly what to do when disaster strikes. For this reason, planning ahead is essential.

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