11 Virtual RecWell Programs at Purdue

Virtual RecWell Programs

Purdue University’s Recreation and Wellness department launched its Virtual RecWell programs on Monday. Director Mike Warren listed out the online offerings he and his staff launched in a week’s time.

Virtual RecWell Programs:

1) Les Mills On Demand

As a licensed Les Mills facility, RecWell shared access to a temporary website with over 100-plus workouts that our Purdue community can do whenever and wherever they want.

2) Virtual Group X Classes

People connect to the same instructor they follow and that has taught class each week. We will continue to launch multiple videos each week. We released our first video of a HITT class, which has had 2,000 views in two days.

3) Wellness Master Classes

Our wellness coaches will offer a variety of master classes on well-being topics to help students and the community as we go through this change on campus. Topics like managing stress, making a productive home work/study environment, the importance of sleep, etc.

This week’s episode was How to Keep Your Routine, which has had almost 400 views in two days.

4) Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking at home may be new to a lot of students and Kevin, our lead cooking instructor, helped us put together several cooking demonstrations. Our first release on the menu this week for “Cooking at Home with Kevin” was Honey Cayenne Chicken Tenders, which has had nearly 600 views in two days.

5) Virtual One-on-One Financial Wellness Coaching

Learn to manage your money and get the guidance you need to make empowered and informed financial decisions. Financial wellness coaching appointments will be conducted virtually.

6) Virtual One-on-One Personal Training

Workout virtually with our nationally certified RecWell personal trainers. The preferred virtual training method and technology will be discussed and coordinated between each trainer and their client.

7) Virtual One-on-One Wellness Coaching

Our wellness coaches will help you identify your health and wellness goals, pinpoint strengths, recognize challenges and barriers, create a path for healthy change and serve as an accountability partner. Your coach will work with you to determine what distance coaching option is best for you.

8) Virtual One-on-One Nutrition Consultations

Eating a healthy diet can be challenging. Finish out the semester strong by making smart food choices. Nutrient dense food helps you stay focused, do well in class and fight fatigue. Appointments with a registered dietitian are available to all Purdue students and will be conducted virtually. Coming very soon as our RD was on maternity leave.

9) Esports

Coming soon: We are completing an assessment.

10) Physical Therapy Video Consultations

Coming soon: Working with our director of Physical Therapy housed in our facility to get this up and running.

11) Athletic Training

Coming soon

Need other virtual program offering ideas? Check out “Virtual Fitness Options for COIVD-19 Closures.”

Heather Hartmann
Heather Hartmann is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at heather@peakemedia.com.


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