Aacer Flooring Provides a Quality Option for Wood Courts


Since Wichita State University partnered with Aacer Flooring, Brad Pittman, the senior associate athletic director for facilities and operations, has described their customer service and support as great since Day One. Below he describes why he decided to partner with Aacer and why other recreation professionals should, too:

Campus Rec: Why did you decide to partner with Aacer? What problem were you looking to solve, or what solution were you looking to incorporate?

Brad Pittman: We had water damage in our facility. We were searching for a quality Division I basketball floor and a product to minimize future water damage. Aacer Flooring was the solution for both by providing a quality sports floor and their PowerVent airflow system.

CR: What do your students and/or staff love most about Aacer?

BP: It is a certified court that provides the characteristics you look for in a basketball floor. Injuries are always a concern in any sport and this floor helps to mitigate those lower leg issues.

CR: When you’re signing off on any big purchase, what are the factors that are important to you?

BP: When signing off on a large purchase, it is important to get the best product we possibly can for the best value. Product quality is more than just how well a court plays. The reputation of the dealer and the people who maintain it play a huge part. Relationships are important. Being able to go to the office every day knowing that I have a quality floor and that I’ll get tremendous service if I have an issue is worth a lot to me. Partnering with Creative Floors Coating & Design, an Aacer Certified Dealer, gave me that peace of mind.

CR: The gym floor is a big part of the school’s identity. What went into creating such a unique floor?

BP: Facilities are about impressions and branding. The quality of your buildings and its components go a long way in telling the story of who you are as an institution. That is why it is important to know you are buying a product from a company that you have trust in. Those relationships are mutually beneficial for both parties as it enhances our brand and image but also that of Aacer. Win-win relationships are what business should be built upon.

CR: Why should other rec professionals consider working with Aacer?

BP: In addition to the quality product we received, the customer support and service we’ve received from Aacer Flooring and their certified dealer, Creative Floors Coating & Design, has been great. Aacer is a quality option in the world of wood athletic floors. The entire process has been seamless and easy to navigate. We are happy with the direction we went.

Brittany Howard
Brittany is an editor at Peake Media. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com

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