5 Reasons to Introduce Log Rolling to Your Rec Sports Program

Log Rolling

1. Log rolling makes a splash! It’s an activity that will bring positive energy and attention to your program. Non-lap swimmers rarely consider going to the pool for fun and fitness, but log rolling attracts a new audience looking for alternative forms of recreation. And since it’s a competitive sport (see #2), students will regularly return to the facility for practice. We hear the phrase “this is addicting” a lot!

2. Log rolling is not a new sport…but it will be new for your students! Log rolling is an authentic recreational sport that developed from North American lumberjacks in the 1800’s. It’s not a gimmick, it developed out of a way of life and is something that sports enthusiasts have enjoyed for over a century. A log rolling match consists of two people on one log each trying to be the last person on top. Competition can occur between all abilities and students don’t need experience to compete. The thrill of competition motivates rollers to return to the pool for practice. It’s an individual sport and a team sport. Students can “spar” in intramurals, or in tournaments as a club team. Who knows, your campus might be vying for the first national collegiate log rolling championship.

3. A workout without the work! Stepping back and forth atop a spinning Key Log® greatly improves cardiovascular and muscular endurance. A true sport, log rolling is also a fun way to train for other sports that require thinking on your feet. It is a low impact activity that improves balance, cardio, core, and foot speed. Even the American Council on Exercise is encouraging people to “get rolling”, thanks to an energy study done by a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

4. Speaking of Studies! Students and staff can dive into original research topics surrounding log rolling in areas such as Kinesiology, Sports Science, Park & Recreation, Leisure Studies, American History/Culture, and more. Because log rolling is new to recreational programming, there are opportunities to be the first to develop curriculum models.

5. Log rolling offers an abundance of programing possibilities and can be incorporated into all areas of campus recreation. It’s a unique draw at special events such as rec fest and welcome week. Incorporate log rolling into your fitness offerings, rec swim, team building, or group activities. The portability of the Key Log makes it easy to add to your outdoor program. Kids and families LOVE learning to log roll – include it in youth camps, family nights, and pool rentals. Last, but not least, make log rolling an Intramural or Club Sport. Log rolling competition is fun!

Abby Hoeschler is a world champion log roller and Founder/CEO of Key Log Rolling. She can be reached at abby@keylogrolling.com, or 763.544.0047.

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