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aacer sports flooring

Aacer Sports Flooring, a member mill of MFMA, is a manufacturer of true northern hardwood flooring and sub-flooring systems for the sports and recreational markets.

Sports flooring is not a “one size fits all”. For this reason, Aacer offers 25+ sub-floor systems. Systems are engineered to fit different activities, level of play, safety, performance, rules & regulations and budget. While some systems ebb and flow, Aacer’s ScissorLoc has remained steadfast and true. As an indication of its popularity, the Aacer ScissorLoc Series includes 5 variations of the system.

Why are owners and installers drawn to ScissorLoc? Let’s take a closer look at why this is one of Aacer’s most requested systems:

History. The basic concept and design of this floating floor is not new. It dates back to the 1930’s. The longevity of this system alone tells you it’s a tried and proven system.

Safety. The safety of the athlete was in mind when this floor was created. By design, ScissorLoc provides excellent resiliency.  The incidence of stress related injury is reduced.

Playability. Have you ever heard someone complain about ‘dead spots’? For schools that have competitive basketball programs, the frequency and occurrence of dead spots is their biggest complaint. ScissorLoc’s solid subfloor design makes it virtually void of ‘dead spots’. The floor is consistent – the ball reacts the same in every area of the floor. The subfloor has the ability to adjust to the contour of the concrete.

Construction/Design/Engineering. There is no plywood in the ScissorLoc system. Therefore, there is no threat of delaminating if the system gets wet. By using solid ½” x 6” kiln-dried pine subflooring components, the system has the ability to be dried out when and if moisture or water problems occur. It also improves nail holding power.

Security. For a sense of security, many owners opt to add Aacer’s patented PowerVent Airflow System to their project. This amazing device is designed with an exclusive under floor moisture detection system. Should the humidistat detect an increase in moisture, the PowerVent triggers fan units to start circulating air through the floor system. This all starts before it is noticeable to facility personnel.

Stability. The subfloor is engineered to deliver stability. ScissorLoc’s solid wood, criss-cross pattern results in a dimensionally stable system with excellent natural ventilation capabilities.

The Aacer ScissorLoc Series includes: ScissorLoc I, II, III, LP and DC. For more information on ScissorLoc or PowerVent Airflow System, visit aacerflooring.com.


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