Alvarado SU5000 Optical Turnstiles “Working Well”


Sacramento State recently installed Alvarado SU5000 optical turnstiles to control access at its student, faculty and alumni recreation center, called The Well. Jessica Swart, Assistant Director, Member Services and Operations shared her experience with the Alvarado products.

“The SU5000 optical turnstiles [total five turnstiles installed] have been working wonderfully and flawlessly!  The first week of school we broke an entry record with over 4,000 members checking in via the new system in a single day!  The majority of our members are now enrolled in the new system, we are not having any complaints and lines are nearly non-existent.  In the past 4 weeks, we have had over 70,000 member check-ins plus several hundred guests touring the building with zero complaints.”

SU5000 optical turnstiles control access and streamline the movement of students, staff and visitors in and out of facilities. The turnstiles integrate with all club management software applications and can integrate any card or biometric access technology.

The SU5000 also automates the entry process by allowing users to self-validate entry cards or biometric credentials directly at the turnstile to gain access to the facility. As an example, at The Well, each optical turnstile contains a biometric hand reader which students and members use to access the facility.

In addition to providing state of the art access control, Alvarado SU5000 optical turnstiles look great and blend perfectly with modern recreation center decors. Slim cabinets, crystal clear panels and a host of customization options, such as panel illumination and panel etching, are available.

Benefits of SU5000 optical turnstiles:

  • Improve security at facility entrances
  • Integrate with membership and visitor management software
  • Automate the entry and exit process

Alvarado is the leading choice for entry control at campus recreation / wellness centers throughout North America. Alvarado’s solutions are field proven with numerous university recreation centers installations including, Auburn University, Cal Poly Pomona , CUNY, Louisiana State University, University of Colorado- Boulder, UCLA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Washington University, among many others.

“Our goal is provide quality products and solutions that meet the needs of customers. We also emphasize the benefits of working with an established U.S. owned turnstile manufacturer with a fully staffed technical support department,” said Nick Simon, Alvarado National Sales Manager.

About Alvarado

Founded in 1956, Alvarado provides products that protect assets and control the flow of people in facilities throughout the world. A state of the art facility in Southern California houses design, manufacturing and distribution. Alvarado offers superior service and support years after installation. For more information, visit

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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