Best Practices for Streamlining Check-Ins

streamlining check-ins

An often overlooked aspect of security in campus recreation is the check-in point. If your staff is proficient in streamlining check-ins, many potential threats can be mitigated before they’re a danger to the facility while not sacrificing the efficiency of getting students in the doors.

There are many factors that contribute to a strong system of streamlining check-ins, including up-to-date equipment, a well-trained staff and the proper procedures. Altogether, they drastically increase the safety of your facilities.

To learn more, Campus Rec spoke with Dale Ramsay, the director of recreation and wellness at the University of Louisville, about the importance of streamlining check-ins in maintaining a safe environment in your recreation facility.

CR: Can you describe your rec center’s process for checking in patrons?

DR: We always want to provide great customer service to our users. A big part of that is to make sure that people get checked into the Student Recreation Center (SRC) as quickly as possible. All students must show their ID to get into the SRC. When we designed the SRC, we have two ID stations where users can check in. This helps to expedite the check-in process, particularly during peak times.

CR: Why is staying organized so important to maintaining the safety of your rec center via check-ins?

DR: It is incredibly important that all users are verified. We always train our staff to look at the picture on the monitor and look to make sure that is the same person. It is our responsibility to ensure that only members of our community are the only people using the SRC.

CR: What tools do you use?

DR: CSI is our software platform and it has served us very well.

CR: Do you have any tips to help other rec centers streamline their check-in processes?

DR: Another thing we have our staff do when checking users in is to use their name and tell them to have a great workout. It is small thing that is easy to do that is nice touch that our users appreciate. Also, the physical design of your check-in area can either expedite or delay the check-in process.

Bobby Dyer
Bobby is a former staff writer at Peake Media.

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