Calvin College on Robbins Sports Surfaces’ Care

Robbins Sports Surfaces

Who: Kevin Vande Streek, Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Where: Calvin College

What: Calvin College partnered with Robbins Sports Surfaces to bring about their new arena and its floors.

CR: How did you come to partner with Robbins Sports Surfaces?

KVS: We built a new arena that opened January of 2009. We looked at three companies and their floors. We went with Robbins because of the care they showed us to meet each of our needs.

CR: How has the flooring system benefitted Calvin College?

KVS: The floor has been great. We feel less stress injuries and tired legs over the course of a long season, and maintenance has been easy.

CR: What would you tell other recreation professionals about the benefits of working with Robbins?

KVS: My overall feeling is that it was a great experience. We have enjoyed working with the Robbins people before, during and after installation. I’d recommend them in the highest fashion.

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