Communication is King

two-way radios

“Help!!! Jesse is stuck in the leg press again!”

Frantic calls yell out. Employees scatter to all ends of the rec center. 

Horrifically, Tom has the only master key.

But, Tom is checking the spa pump in blissful ignorance.

Doom for Jesse.

Two-way radios will fix this for your facility — pronto.

Communication is king. Communication is what provides a comfortable, safe, connected environment. Communication is what makes your customers happy, and your staff calm and productive.

Two-way radios have been in heavy use in retail stores and restaurants for about a dozen years due to their unbeatable ability to connect staff. Recreation facilities started catching on about five years ago, and there has been no turning back since then. Radios have been one of the fastest growing tools in the field for one reason: They help provide a great environment for staff, customers and management.

Once a rec center has walkie-talkies, employees are able to find specialized personnel instantly, for scenarios like the above locked leg press. 

Radios can also be used by management to keep a smooth flow of employee responsibilities, and can especially be useful in providing guests with accurate, quick information that will significantly boost their user experience in your rec center.

Specialized two-way radios, along with push-to-talk mics, provide a professional look and are comfortable to wear all day. In fact, virtually every single rec center that has ever brought two-way radios on board has never gone back to no communication. That’s saying a tremendous amount.

Don’t let your customers go without the help they need, don’t let your staff mill about without direction, and for goodness sake, don’t let Jesse suffer any longer.

Put two-way radios in your facility and watch your staff and customer satisfaction blossom.


By Joe Wood of For more information, call 888.925.5982. Campus Rec Radio Information:

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