COMPETE energy bites Pilot Moves to National Rollout

COMPETE energy

Fitness enthusiasts seeking a convenient, great-tasting boost of energy are finding a novel solution in COMPETE® energy bites, the newest dietary supplement manufactured by Mission Pharmacal Company. During a recently completed 12-month period, COMPETE energy bites were successfully test marketed in popular fitness centers and health clubs, including Bally Total Fitness™, Crunch Fitness and XSport® Fitness facilities, in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

More than 100 facilities now offer COMPETE energy bites in these three major markets. Participating clubs reported an average turn rate of four to eight six-pack boxes per week. Based on strong retail results, in September 2014 Mission Pharmacal moved COMPETE energy bites into the national rollout phase and signed a distribution agreement with Europa, the top distributor in the fitness industry with 37,000 outlets nationally.

Each COMPETE energy bite provides 135 milligrams of energy-boosting caffeine, about the equivalent of a 12-ounce cup of premium coffee, in a great-tasting mocha- or chocolate-flavored chew. They offer fitness devotees a bite-size punch of power to enhance performance and help prevent fatigue with only 45 calories.

Jake Saunders, personal trainer/coach and owner/operator at Fit with Jake in Logan, Utah, regularly includes COMPETE energy bites in his own routines and recommends the product to fitness clients. “I tell clients if they’d like a boost, COMPETE energy bites are a delicious caffeinated treat,” said Saunders. “They provide optimal amounts of caffeine to give a burst of energy to fuel workouts.”

Mission Pharmacal is offering free product samples and retail packs to fitness centers in the U.S. and convenient online ordering with free shipping via and The suggested retail price is $4.49 for six bites with recommended consumption not to exceed three bites per day.

Tyler Montgomery is a former writer with Peake Media.

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