‘Cool Products’ of NIRSA 2017


With another NIRSA Campus Recreation and Wellness Expo in the books, use this “Cool Products” guide for a peek at the equipment, services and products you may have missed. 


AacerSports_Logo_FNLAacer Flooring

Aacer Sports Flooring is a leading manufacturer of high performance hardwood flooring and sub-floor systems for the sports and recreational industry. All wood is milled and graded in their Peshtigo, Wisconsin facility. Visit Booth #512 to learn why Aacer’s flooring receives high marks for vibration reduction, shock absorption, flooring resiliency, moisture resistance and dead-spot elimination. Aacer also supplies synthetic flooring in a variety of textures, colors and gauges to fit your project needs and budget.

 715.582.1181   aacerflooring.com   sales@aacerflooring.com


Adidas Outdoors 

adidas Terrex is the athletic brand in the outdoors. The long history of adidas Outdoor began in the 1970s with the creation of the first light trekking shoes. Climbing legend Reinhold Messner helped adidas design super light and fast approach hiking shoes for his first Everest ascent without supplemental oxygen in 1980. Check out their Partnership Program, which gives each school a $350 credit towards screening/embroidery costs per season.

 310.254.0353   adidasoutdoor.com   dkay@argon.com


Aktiv Solutions

Introducing the Revvll® PRO: The first variable resistance portable rope trainer, the Revvll PRO is ideal for group programming and engaging exercise variety from beginners to advanced. Enhance group studios, dynamic training areas or anywhere you wish to facilitate functional training. Easy to set up, use and no maintenance. Revvll in the possibilities.

310. 559.9949   info@aktivsolutions.com    aktivsolutions.com 


Boon Edam

Boon Edam’s Speedlane Lifeline Series is a modern line of optical turnstiles, designed to safeguard students and staff from unwanted visitors. With the slimmest cabinets in the industry, the Lifelines give recreational centers a sleek, yet unobtrusive look. No other turnstile is as responsive and intuitive to use. The Lifeline is also the only of its kind to enter into an energy-saving mode when not in use, saving organizations on their utility bills.

800.334.5552   sales@boonedam.us    boonedam.us 


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 2.57.37 PMCannonDesign

Cannon Design is an integrated global design firm of architects, engineers and industry specialists focused on helping colleges and universities create design solutions that address their challenges and seize opportunities. Our Campus Recreation & Sports team combines its strong track record of creating facilities that meet the needs of casual fitness enthusiasts and premier athletes with a remarkable passion for health and wellness. Our team creates beautiful, functional and cost-effective environments that enrich the campus experience.

617.742.5440   cmckenna@cannondesign.com    cannondesign.com 



DSE RecCenter will change how you look at management software. This modular, fully customizable software includes: facility access, facility scheduling, employee management, equipment check-out, club sports, class registration, intramural sports, point of sale and reports modules. Information created in one module populates additional modules – e.g. creating a sport or class schedule can also create the facility reservation – eliminating redundant work. It can integrate with your school’s website, single sign-on system and payment gateway.

617.221.3171   contact@dserec.com     dserec.com


Escape Fitness

PLYO360: Get more out of plyometric workouts! Push beyond single-plane movement restrictions with the Escape PLYO360. Its unique octagonal shape is incredibly stable to support multi-directional jump patterns — like forward, backward, sideways and more. The colorful, soft, durable PLYO360 is ideally sized and shaped for partner and team exercises. With three sizes (12”, 18”, 24”) it can connect with Velcro in any combination to create endless exercise possibilities and multiple heights to match user abilities.

614.706.4462   marketing@escapefitness.com   escapefitness.com/us


fitDEGREE -Must See-fitDEGREE

fitDEGREE is the most innovative way to engage and retain members! They provide a custom-themed mobile app powered by a cloud-based admin platform to give members instant access to everything you have to offer at the touch of a fingertip, all while streamlining your administrative duties in the background. Group class registration with reminders, occupancy counts, announcements with push notifications, statistical analysis, digital waivers and incident reports are just a few ways they provide value.

973.349.7899   info@fitdegree.com   fitdegree.com/rec 



Hollman offers lockers and courts manufactured in Irving, Texas to carefully controlled quality standards. They are the only AWI Premium Certified locker manufacturer. For lockers, they offer limitless options in materials to match any decor including laminates, metcallics, glass and wood veneers. For courts, they offer full packages including walls, flooring and glass. Full turn-key installation is available with all products.

972.815.4000   info@hollman.com    hollman.com 



InnoSoft Canada Inc. specializes in recreation management software. Their product Fusion helps facility operators manage recreation facilities, from membership management to check out equipment and controlling access to the facilities. Fusion is involved in each process. Fusion is an all-in-one solution that includes a full suite of point-of-sale, reporting and communication tools. Fusion’s online member portal is used by clients to offer course registrations, guess pass sales and facility bookings – all from the convenience of their web browser or mobile device.

888.510.3827   info@innosoftfusion.com    innosoftfusion.com


Key Log Rolling

Looking for a new and innovative programming idea? Key Log Rolling is an exciting activity that can be implemented throughout all areas of campus recreation – special events, aquatics, IMs/club sports, outdoor rec, fitness, youth programming and more! The portable, easy to store Key Log comes with a set of three yellow resistance Trainers that create a progression of learning from beginner to advanced. Instructional and support materials included.

763.544.0047   info@keylogrolling.com    keylogrolling.com


Life Fitness

Life Fitness gets the world moving in order for people to lead active, healthy lives. By leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of brands ranging from traditional fitness solutions like Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Cybex; SCIFIT for rehab; InMovement for healthy workspaces; and Brunswick Billiards for active recreation, we support customers who share our mission. Our nearly 50 years of heritage is built upon creating the highest quality fitness equipment and offering dedicated and knowledgeable service.

866.814.5953   commercialsales@lifefitness.com    lifefitness.com


List Industries

The Recreation Center is the central hub of every campus, where students visit daily with an ID badge, cell phone or tablet in hand. Mobile Device Lockers are ideal for use in a University building where personal items, cell phones and tablets need to be securely stored and protected from theft. Mobile Device Lockers can be manufactured Padlock ready, with a Digitech lock or a Key Cam Lock. Body construction is 20 gauge cold rolled steel and the doors have a 16 gauge continuous piano hinge. Mobile Device lockers are powder coated in Platinum and comes standard with a 2-year warranty.

800.776.1342   stt@listindustries.com    listindustries.com


Matrix Fitness

Discover the versatile S-Drive Performance Trainer and help your student athletes elevate their explosiveness and endurance while refining form. Only the S-Drive Performance Trainer gives you everything you get from self-powered treadmills, weighted sleds, resistance parachutes and harness systems in one space-saving footprint. Experience for yourself how the S-Drive can improve overall agility through a mix of forward, lateral and reverse movements.

866.693.4863   info@matrixfitness.com   matrixfitness.com 


Moody Nolan

Moody Nolan’s Sports, Recreation and Student Focused Facilities Design Studio specializes in fresh, functional and efficient designs for your new or renovated and expanded Collegiate Recreation Facilities. We are passionate about helping new clients and old friends find the best design solutions for their particular campus recreation project. We consider every project to be an opportunity to rise above the norm and to move the design conversation to new places; to create spaces that are memorable not just for the moment, but forever. This vision of Responsive Architecture is continually recognized by our peers and clients.

877.530.4984    dford@moodynolan.com     moodynolan.com 


Octane Fitness

A hybrid of a treadmill and elliptical, the innovative ZR8000 enables everyone from beginners to competitive runners to walk, jog or run comfortably, without stressful, repetitive impact. With aluminum legs and independent hip and knee joints, the ZR8000 offers customized freedom of movement, without a fixed path or moving belt. And only the Zero Runner enables users to truly replicate natural running motion with a full heel kick to activate the posterior muscles, just like running outside. The Zero Runner is whisper-quiet and has no belt, deck or cord, thereby minimizing maintenance and service needs.

888-octane4   sales@octanefitness.com    octanefitness.com 


Robbins, Inc.

Robbins, Inc · Sportwood® by Robbins is an edge-grain cut MFMA Maple floor that is the most dimensionally stable maple product on the market, with the ability to withstand humid environments and extreme moisture issues. This floor is also extremely environmentally friendly. Plus, its unique parquet pattern can be assembled in multiple ways to inspire a look that is different from a standard athletic floor. Sportwood is an excellent economical and versatile choice that can fit within any budget and facility needs.

800.543.1913    info@robbinsfloor.com    robbinsfloor.com 



With over 30 years of experience in sports design, Sasaki’s dedicated Athletics and Recreation Practice brings together the best of architecture, landscape architecture, planning, urban design, interior design, civil engineering, graphic design, place branding and data science. Sasaki’s work ranges from planning for the Olympic Games to the master planning of athletic districts to the design of new and renovated recreation centers. At every scale, Sasaki creates places that prove human potential.

617.926.3300  info@sasaki.com    sasaki.com


Spectrum Aquatics

Kersplash brings together two great sports: swimming and climbing. Both climbing and swimming increase fitness levels through development of strength, coordination, cardiovascular endurance and muscle endurance. The see-through panels eliminate any visual barrier on the deck and hold an attractive visual appeal while the colored panels make a bold visual statement and add fun to any aquatic setting. Kersplash also provides participants with positive risk taking and creative problem solving. Download our New 2017 Catalog.

800.791.8056   ctaylor@spectrumproducts.com    spectrumaquatics.com


TuffStuff Fitness International

Innovative, Intuitive & Inspiring are three key characteristics that come to mind when describing the new Bio-Arc Strength Line by TuffStuff Fitness. Bio-Arc Technology safely places users of all physical abilities in the optimal body position throughout the entire range of motion. Each individual exercise is performed with minimal adjustments necessary while achieving maximum activation of the target muscle(s) and minimal joint stress in a fun and engaging manner.

909.629.1600   info@tuffstuff.net     tuffstuffitness.com


Tennis On Campus

The US Tennis Association is partnered with NIRSA to support the growth of recreational tennis opportunities on college campuses through the development of sport club tennis programs. Currently, there are over 730 collegiate club programs involved in Tennis On Campus (TOC). Start-up grants and assistance are available to help initiate new tennis clubs, fostering healthy affordable recreation opportunities that enhance student life.

914.318.8609   newlyn.wing@usta.com    tennisoncampus.com



Upace is the first customizable, two-sided mobile platform that offers real-time data and student interactions that boost usage, retention and operational efficiency. Recreation center managers can remotely and instantly access analytics, communicate directly with students and update the app within minutes. Via the app, students can view center occupancy, reserve equipment and sign up for classes. Upace is “Fitness Meets Convenience” for facility managers.

215.630.7496   rachel@upaceapp.com    upaceapp.com


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