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To enhance the accessibility of intramural sports online at Brandeis University, Tom Rand, the senior associate athletic director, partnered with DSE. Below he describes the ease of use and customizable options that benefit his department:

Campus Rec: Why did you decide to partner with DSE? What problem were you looking to solve or what solution were you looking to incorporate?

Tom Rand: In 2006 when Michael, the director and founder of DSE, was a student at Brandeis, I was looking for a way to take online registrations and post schedules and results for our intramural sports. Michael was a computer science major and was very active in intramurals, so he built a new website for me with all the required functionality, and that is how his company began. In the years since, we’ve added their club sports, facility scheduling, facility access and equipment checkout modules. We will be adding their membership and locker management modules in the next year.

CR: What do your staff and you love most about DSE?

TR: It makes our jobs so much easier. It is very user-friendly and all web-based, so we can access it anywhere, from any device.

CR: How has DSE benefitted your rec center and patrons?

TR: It has streamlined all of our processes and everything is fully integrated with our campus ID system. The way we’ve been able to track usage and run reports has provided us with the necessary data to support our budget requests, facility improvements and added staff positions.

CR: How would you describe DSE’s customer support?

TR: Outstanding. Whenever we have a technical issue, Michael and his staff are always available. Any problems are remedied very quickly.

CR: Why should other rec centers consider working with DSE?

TR: They offer everything you need. It really is one-stop shopping. And if what they have doesn’t exactly fit your needs, or you want something just a little bit different, they will make the changes for you. They can customize their modules to fit any program or institution. Their prices are very reasonable, too.
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