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Dixie State University Reopened

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The Human Performance Center (HPC) at Dixie State University (DSU) reopened on Thursday, May 21. A team compiled of DSU administrators, a Covid-19 task force, risk management, HPC advisory committee members, and a small committee of HPC and Campus Recreation staff developed a reopening plan for students, faculty and staff to be able to utilize the new building safely.

“As people came into the building, it was great to feel their energy and see people working out on equipment and enjoying the amenities,” said Roger Watson, the HPC marketing and building operations manager. “We will continue to evaluate how we can make things as safe as possible for our patrons and staff that work in the building.”

Below, the HPC reopening guidelines are listed, along with signage utilized throughout the building:

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday – 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Hours are subject to change without notice

Capacity for Different Areas of the HPC

  • Main Level Fitness Center – 20 patrons at a time will be allowed in this area.
  • Level Two Fitness Center – 15 patrons at a time will be allowed in this area.
  • Cardio areas – Patrons asked to use every other cardio machine as well as follow social distancing guidelines. Will have 30-minute time limits if patrons are waiting for machines.
  • Basketball courts (indoor and outdoor) – One person per basket, 30-minute time limit, no pick-up basketball. Horse can be played but patrons can’t share a ball.
  • Swimming pool – Six-foot social distancing is maintained on pool deck. Lap swimming resumes to normal capacity. Open plunge operates at a reduced capacity to ensure appropriate social distancing to be maintained between household groups on pool deck. Diving boards available, and 60-minute maximum workout time.
  • Hot tub – Social distancing guidelines apply.
  • Track – All patrons must practice social distancing. Patrons may not run/walk side-by-side, and they must run/walk in every other lane.
  • Pickleball courts – Eight total patrons will be allowed at a time. No doubles play and social distancing must be observed. Will allow patrons to play one game to 11 if patrons are waiting.
  • Will Hill (sprint hill) – All patrons must practice social distancing, and they may not run/walk side-by-side.
  • Multi-purpose rooms – Only three patrons per-room will be allowed and they must follow social distancing guidelines. Contact staff after use so they can clean equipment before other patrons are let in.
  • Locker rooms – All locker rooms will remain locked, but patrons may request access to a locker room to change. Authorized staff may unlock the door for a patron to enter and relock the door when the patron leaves. This concept is similar to department store dressing rooms.
    • Patrons using HPC will ask the lower level desk to get in.
    • Swimmers will ask the lifeguards to let them into visiting locker rooms. Showers are permitted for pool entrance.
  • Equipment check-out – Provided and cleaned down after use.
  • Restrooms – HPC will follow CDC hand-washing guidelines, which are posted inside the restrooms. Patrons will be asked to follow social distancing guidelines. Custodial will clean and disinfect regularly.
  • Lobbies – All patrons must practice social distancing. Tables and chairs are positioned to help with social distancing.
  • Vending machines – Open for patrons to use.

Areas Opening Soon

  • Climbing wall – May 28th is the projected date of opening.
  • Summer programming – Swim lessons and summer camps (June and July).

Areas Closed

  • Towel service
  • Boxing area

Patron Expectations

  • Maintain a six-foot social distance while working out, per Southwest Health Department guidelines for gyms.
  • Be courteous and limit workouts if people are waiting.
  • Wipe down all equipment before and after use.

HPC and Campus Rec Team Member Requirements

  • Masks are required at the front desk and when within 10 feet when talking to other patrons.
  • Staff will be asked health questions before they begin work.
  • Must maintain a six-foot social distance with co-workers and 10-foot with patrons working out.
  • Gloves are required when cleaning equipment.
  • Staff is encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands once per hour.
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