E-mic Group X Microphone Now Available in Purple


E-mic Fitness Headset Microphone is designed specifically for body pack wireless microphone systems used by group exercise instructors. It’s fitness-rated to handle 20 classes per week. Standard headset microphones are typically designed for light-use seven classes per week.

E-mic features a waterproof element, shortened boom arm for a better fit on all head sizes, steel cable for longer life compared to copper and a connector hand-sealed with super shrink wrap for best sweat-resistance.  

E-mic is a noise canceling headset microphone and can be used in the most acoustically challenging rooms. It has a crisp, bright tone to help ensure the instructor’s voice is heard clearly over music.

Connector choices are available for all popular body pack transmitter brands. Now available in purple. Other color choices include black, red, yellow and blue. 

  • AV Now’s most popular fitness headset microphone.
  • Designed for use by fitness professionals. 
  • Fitness-rated to do 20 classes per week. 
  • Connectors for all major body pack transmitter brands. 
  • Available in purple, black, red, yellow and blue. 

For more information, visit avnow.com.

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