Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Creating Lasting Change

Campus Rec Magazine and a panel of campus recreation professionals came together for the virtual roundtable “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Creating Lasting Change.” This was the second roundtable on this topic.

On the panel:

• Kevin George, the director of Campus Recreation at Rowan University
• April Lovett, the director of Academic Health Data Library Programs at Florida State University and a co-host of the podcast, “Success in Black and White,” which focuses on bridging the gap between racial boundaries
• Darryl Lovett, the associate director of Campus Recreation at Florida State University and a co-host of the podcast, “Success in Black and White”
• Demond Pryor, the director of Recreational Services at the University of Toledo

Questions discussed, in addition to questions from the audience:

1. Would you please highlight two to three equity, diversity and inclusion practices you have in your department?
2. How has your department moved past performative EDI to address real issues and create lasting change?
3. What strategies are being used to assist historically marginalized staff to be supported and allowed to thrive in organizations/departments?
4. How are you communicating your efforts toward justice, equity, diversity and inclusion to participants?
5. What tools does your department use to measure or track efforts to create more inclusive and accessible environments for all identities?

Links shared:

Heather Hartmann
Heather Hartmann is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at heather@peakemedia.com.

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