Fitness Asset Manager is a 100 Percent Web-Based Solution

Fitness Asset Manager

Fitness Asset Manager (FAM) is a 100 percent web-based solution that tracks inventory, work orders, preventative maintenance and equipment replacement plans for a university’s entire recreation equipment inventory. This includes traditional fitness equipment, pools, golf carts and vehicles.

FAM’s web-based infrastructure gives recreation center staff the power of access from any device with an internet connection. This means no software to download and subsequently no headaches. Managing life is no longer constrained by the immobility of a desktop computer: neither should management systems. FAM’s easy-to-use-access, cloud-based systems ensure effective management to drive student and member engagement higher.

The work order process is one that separates FAM from the competition. Entering work orders are as simple as scanning a QR code that’s custom designed with your university colors and logos. From the moment a code is scanned, FAM starts the service cycle for that specific equipment and routes the work order to the appropriate parties to ensure the equipment gets back in operational order quicker than ever before. All details are stored in the backend so campus recreation directors and managers can run essential reports with the click of a button, such as true cost to own, repair costs, accounting reports and more. The return on investment goes beyond your equipment; depending on the facility size, campus recreation departments can save five to 10 hours of personnel time each week.

An unparalleled level of thoroughness is what really helps FAM stand out. The system puts the power in the campus recreation team’s hands to effectively streamline business practices, establish preventative maintenance programs, optimize work schedules and improve replacement parts management. All service and PM work is documented by FAM’s system for enhanced risk management measures, leaving worries to the wayside.

Simply put, Fitness Asset Manager equals a healthier bottom line, making it campus recreation’s best asset.

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