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A recent trend I have found for personal enjoyment is listening to podcasts.

I would say one of the main reasons podcasts have gained increased popularity is the many different ways to listen. Personally, I use to find my favorite podcasts. I look for podcasts in various areas, from sports to politics to entertainment to insight. Listening to podcasts has increased my productivity and decreased stress. In particular, it has been a positive influence for different areas of my well-being. Our governing body, NIRSA, identifies eight dimensions for well-being. This leads me to five podcast recommendations to five different areas of well-being.

1. The Dave Ramsey Show: Financial Well-Being

Dave Ramsey has made a career of providing financial advice through various outlets. I was first introduced to Dave’s concepts through his books: “Total Money Makeover” and “Financial Peace.” In addition to his book success, he has built a vast empire in the arena of financial consultation. In particular, you can find his daily radio show on podcast platforms. The podcast version is broken into uniquely titled 40-minute episodes as part of his 3-hour daily radio show. Based off the titled episodes, you can listen to various topics and do not have to listen in order.

One of my favorite parts of this podcast is the “debt free scream.” In this segment, Dave brings on guests that have paid off their current debts. Dave asks the guests to outline how much debt they paid off, how long it took, what the range of income was while paying off the debt, what they do for a living, what kind of debt they had, how they paid it off, and their secret to getting out of debt. After the guests explains their responses, they let out a scream with Dave to celebrate their paid off debt accomplishment. There is a large amount of financial information and tips shared by Dave when listening to the podcast that can increase your financial well-being. Paying off bills and debt can be increasingly stressful. So I find this particular podcast beneficial in gaining information on how to manage finances.

2. John Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Occupational Well-Being

John Maxwell has a large library of books for leadership and personal development. One of his more recent endeavors is getting into the podcast game. He launched his leadership-based podcast in August 2018. However, the podcast tackles many topics that stem from the broad-based topic of leadership. The podcast takes on various methods of introducing his concepts such as speaking to other leadership-based guests, one-episode themed topics and multiple-episode series as part of one large topic.

I have read several of John’s book and find his concepts to be easy to understand and extremely insightful. When attending conferences, you will often hear John Maxwell books and concepts referenced. John’s information from his podcasts is great for teamwork dynamics, leadership development and maintaining a positive mindset. Touching on a large array of leadership-based topics can greatly assist with your occupational well-being. The workplace can be a stressful place, but John’s podcast gives you simple steps to channeling your energy to make you a better professional.

3. Your Move With Andy Stanley Podcast: Spiritual Well-Being

Andy Stanley gained his notoriety by pastoring a mega church outside of Atlanta. He used the momentum he gained as a pastor to author various books around topics of Christianity and spirituality. Andy’s more recent successful venture is his “Your Move” podcast where his message is based around the foundations of Christianity. However, he takes a broad perspective on general life topics that extends from Christianity into greater concepts of living life and being spiritual.

Andy’s podcast is broken into individual episodes of 30 minutes as a multiple-part series. For example, one of his more recent topics is a four-part series on having a happy marriage. This is just one example of many where Andy tackles a topic within everyday life and provides a perspective to help you better grasp it. The premise of the show is to provide a view point on a particular topic, but it is up to you to take the message and apply it accordingly.

Each podcast starts off with a paraphrased message, “Welcome to the podcast where we help you live life with fewer regrets and making better decisions. We help to put the ball in your court to make the necessary change. That is why we call it ‘Your Move.’” The information and format of this podcast gives great feedback on addressing various areas and perspectives for your spiritual well-being.

4. Phil in the Blanks: Intellectual Well-Being

Dr. Phil made his big break by making appearances on Oprah. Since then, Dr. Phil has had his own long-running TV show and podcasts. His first podcast, “Ask Dr. Phil,” directly relates to his expertise and credentials. His most recent project, “Phil in the Blanks,” launched in February and is more centered on interviews of titans across business and entertainment.

The interviews are extended podcast episodes covering various subjects with his guests. The podcast offers a variety of opinions and perspective on a variety of life topics. Dr. Phil is an astute interviewer drawing out many different thoughts from the guest along with tying in a story of where they came from and how they got to this point. The information expressed in this podcast will give you quite a bit of knowledge and information across many different subjects. Listening to Dr. Phil’s. podcast can increase your knowledge and will enhance your overall intellectual well-being.

5. The Joe Rogan Experience: Social Well-Being

When you say the name Joe Rogan, my first reaction is Fear Factor. I’m a big reality TV show fan, so Fear Factor was one of first great reality shows to hit primetime network TV. Some may associate Joe more with the UFC. He has transcended his career from hit reality TV show host to lead broadcaster for UFC events. He has furthered his popularity across culture by having one of the most notable podcasts going right now. In actuality, he has one of the longest running podcasts, launching in 2009.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is centered on diverse and lengthy interviews and does a great job of tapping into many different genres of culture. Joe also adds in comedy and color to the interview to keep things light with the guest. I recommend the episode of Joe’s interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr. You do not have to be a NASCAR fan to be entertained by this one. Joe’s style is fun mixed with informational and his podcast will increase your social well-being.

What is great about podcasts is that you often will hear an overlap of guests based off the subject area you are listening to. In fact, I discovered the “Phil in the Blanks” podcast from listening to Dr. Phil’s interview on the “The Joe Rogan Experience.” This is a primary example of mixing personalities and styles to further your horizons through different platforms. I have found podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and increase well-being in a variety of ways. With that, I say happy podcasting! I hope they have the same positive effects for you as they have been for me.

Ty Verdin is a professional staff member in the department of sports and recreation at Kennesaw State University. He currently serves as the senior coordinator of club sports. Contact him at

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