Floorball: The World’s Fastest Growing Indoor Sport


Floorball is a fast paced, exciting, safe and low-cost type of indoor hockey. At first glance, it resembles floor hockey or ball hockey, but it is played with advanced lightweight sticks and rules that make game play much safer. Floorball can be played practically anywhere, and is ideal for schools, colleges and community centers, or for hockey teams as dry land training. Floorball is perfect for anyone who is looking for a new and competitive team sport that offers a great workout with friends. Floorball is a real and serious sport which will be part of the World Games 2021 in Birmingham and is on its way to inclusion in the Summer Olympics of 2028. It is very easy to get hooked up to floorball. Many players simply can’t wait for the next game.

Yes, it is safe. Every rule in Floorball has its basis in safety; the rules lead themselves to a safe and fast style of game play. There is no body checking or stick checking. The lightweight equipment design allows easy stick control and moving the ball does not require much force. These factors make Floorball a safer sport than regular old floor hockey. The sticks are shorter at about waist high, have a round, lightweight shaft with a better grip making it easier to control, and they are tough due to fiberglass composites. Floorball sticks are extremely durable, but they never do any damage to gym floors. Most floorball sticks also look very cool and come in various lengths, flexes and other characteristics that allows every player to find the stick that is the best fit. A beginner player only needs a basic stick and does not need to worry about high-level stick features.

Floorball is easy to teach. In intramural programs, after-school classes, team building events and recreational games, it takes less than five minutes to learn the basic rules needed for play.

Floorball is an attractive choice for those individuals who aren’t already part of other competitive sports. Everyone is on the same starting line when playing the first game. Naturally, individuals learn and play floorball according to their individual athletic skills, but even the most athletic player cannot dominate the game alone. Everyone is part of the team and needed for successful game play. Very inclusive; everybody gets lots of “touches.”

You can play floorball in any gym. All you need is some floorball sticks, two goals and you are ready to play. No protective gear is needed. Low starting cost ensures this game can be offered by every community center or college rec center in the U.S.


By Darryl Gross, a managing member of FloorballPlanet. For more information, email darryl@floorballplanet.com or call 817.806.5002.

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