GameTime Announces THRIVE Outdoor Training Systems


GameTime is pleased to announce the release of THRIVE, an all new outdoor fitness line that promotes group fitness training for users ages 13 and up. THRIVE features multiple fitness stations in a compact design. This reduces the amount of space required for installation, reduces wait times for users wanting to exercise and increases the number of people who have access to high-quality fitness equipment within a community.

THRIVE is constructed of high-quality, weather-resistant materials and engineered for high-volume use in areas like public parks, university campuses and community recreation centers. It is available in three models: 250, 450 and 900. Each model number corresponds to the approximate amount of square footage required for installation. Approved safety surfacing is required with installation.

“We sought to create a system that allowed users to get a full body workout, no matter their fitness level,” said Chad Griffith, THRIVE designer and product manager with GameTime. “It was important to make the system compact so communities or campuses could install them in small spaces so more people could have access to them.”

One of the largest barriers for people achieving their health goals is access to fitness equipment. “We work with communities who tell us their families don’t have money to join a gym, or don’t have transportation or access to a health club,” said Kent Callison, the director of marketing for GameTime. “With THRIVE in a local park or outside a rec center, there’s no gym membership. There’s no barrier to usage. It’s outdoors, open to all.”

GameTime partner company, Power Systems and their ambassador coach Yancy Culp, developed training programs for use with each of the systems to assist trainers and coaches who use THRIVE as part of solo or group training. “For 10-plus years I have led an outdoor bootcamp and trained elite athletes,” said Culp. “I’m continually looking for ways to help my clients progress in their fitness goals, to become a better version of themselves and to THRIVE in every area of their lives.”

GameTime provides a kit of essential indoor fitness products from Power Systems – such as medicine balls, resistance bands, etc. – with every system to enhance the THRIVE experience.

THRIVE is available now from GameTime. Learn more at 

About GameTime

GameTime is a leading manufacturer of commercial playgrounds, custom play spaces and outdoor fitness equipment. Headquartered in Fort Payne, Alabama, and with distribution around the world, GameTime has been dedicated to enriching childhood through play since our founding in 1929, and we work with community partners to demonstrate Play Has No Limit®. Learn more at

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