Lessons Learned from the Top 10 Most Read Stories

top 10 most read stories

Sometimes, the best and truest words have already been spoken. The same is certainly true for this website — we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to some brilliant experts and sharing some inspiring stories in the industry. This article is about the best of those articles: the top 10 most read stories ever on the Campus Rec website.

Our aim was to put all of the insights and thoughts from the most popular stories in one place for your benefit — to learn something new (best-case scenario) or re-learn something you’d previously learned and then forgotten (worst-case scenario).

  1. Strength and Conditioning Certifications: Which is Best for You?

September 14, 2016

Certifications are a standard component of a fitness professional’s resume. The aim of this article is to assist professionals and employers with understanding all 12 available certifications by examining specialties of interest, education, recertification requirements and cost. Look for expert contributions from Kendra Trudo of Aurora University, Dr. Jon K. Linderman of the University of Dayton, and Dr. Peter Titlebaum of the University of Dayton.

Read the entire story here.

  1. Facebook Carousel and Canvas Ads Explained

May 18, 2016

Facebook carousel ads are perfect for telling a good story, allowing you to showcase up to five clickable images or videos in a single news feed ad. Facebook canvas ads provide an immersive mobile experience for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products through a combination of text, images, video, carousels, product feeds and calls to action. Learn how to effectively use both types of ads to bolster your online presence and increase engagement.

Read the entire story here.

  1. The Pros and Cons of Opening Your Facility to the Local Community

October 8, 2015

Learn from the Ping Recreation Center at Ohio University, which is open to the community, and the Student Fitness Center at Illinois State University, which is not, about whether your campus recreation center should be open to the public. Each school offers its own perspective on the subject.

Read the entire story here.

  1. What’s All the Racquet About?

November 28, 2017

Racquetball is fast-paced and delivers a good workout — however, the game is declining in popularity. Kim Scott, the director of campus recreation at Baylor University, discusses in a Q&A-style article whether it should still be offered as part of campus recreation programming.

Read the entire story here.

  1. Special Feature: An Innovative Way to Increase Student Engagement

July 18, 2017

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the University of Dayton launched the On Your Path program to increase student’s engagement in physical activity as well as create sustained behavior change. Melissa Longino, the director of campus recreation at Dayton, highlights some key components of the initiative: have a goal; data, data, data; break down barriers; provide incentives; collaborate; student staff are the best resource; and get creative.

Read the entire story here.

  1. What to Do With Your Racquetball Court? A Look at Current and Future Fitness Trends

July 12, 2017

Michael Lagomarsine, the fitness director at the University of South Carolina, explores the future of fitness, developing trends, the increased popularity of wearable tech, and how campus recreation departments can convert unused racquetball courts into something that results in an increased profit for their facility.

Read the entire story here.

  1. Lessons in Leadership: Admit When You Are Wrong

April 26, 2017

It’s almost programmed into human nature to want to be right, to stick to your guns no matter what if it means you don’t have to admit you were wrong. In his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie explains that we can save ourselves a lot of trouble if we just admit fault when we’re wrong.

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  1. Decentralized Command

May 18, 2016

With such large numbers of student staff members in most recreation facilities, it’s important to develop a strong leadership structure. In the smaller departments of your recreation facility — marketing, programming, fitness, aquatics, intramural sports, etc. — is the mission clear? Do the department leaders understand how they affect the larger mission?

Read the entire story here.

  1. The Benefits of Being an Intramural Official

June 27, 2017

There are many benefits to being an intramural official, and Brian Mills, the director of recreation at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, highlights a few of them: personal development, emotional intelligence development, learning productive positive behavior, communication and conflict management, and cultivating friendships.

Read the entire story here.

  1. LSU Partners with Matrix Fitness

July 13, 2017

Last year, Louisiana State University (LSU) completed the renovation of its Student Recreation Center, an innovative and bright 231,335-square-foot facility. In a Q&A-style article, Laurie Braden, the executive director of university recreation at LSU, shares her experience working with equipment provider Matrix Fitness on the project.

Read the entire story here.

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