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Matrix Fitness

Louisiana State University recently unveiled its renovated and expanded Student Recreation Center. The original facility was 120,000 square feet. It had undergone a redesign in 2005 to add updated featured such as a dedicated cycling studio, climbing gym and 13,000 square feet of additional fitness space, but it was clear the students wanted more.

The new renovation and expansion was first conceptualized in 2010. Then on October 24, 2014, construction on the facility began. The updated Student Recreation Center opened this spring. The 231,335-square-foot facility is innovative and bright. Laced with purple and gold, the branding is on point. Everything from the light fixtures to the open floor plan creates a welcoming and inclusive environment.

The one-of-a-kind facility features of wide variety of fitness equipment that allows students to have a plethora of fitness experiences. LSU partnered with Matrix Fitness as one of their equipment providers.

Laurie Braden, the Executive Director of University Recreation at Louisiana State University, shares her experience working with the company.

How did you discover Matrix Fitness and why did you decide to partner with them?

LB: With a variety of equipment options available, our philosophy is that multiple options work best for our campus community. Matrix worked with us to discuss and develop possible layouts and demonstrated true care and follow through for what was best for our LSU community. Matrix’s respect and belief in our vision is what sold us on that relationship.

How has working with Matrix Fitness benefited your facility and students?

LB: Our members like a variety of equipment manufacturers. We have received great feedback on the Matrix strength and cardio pieces we selected. They are a first rate company that delivers on time and stands by what they sell.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Matrix Fitness in any way?

LB: I am pleased, but not surprised. Marc Loomer and Scott Reeves have been great every step of the way. Matrix has delivered on all aspects and we could not be more pleased with equipment, service and the relationships.

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  • When you choose Matrix, you’re getting more than the world’s finest equipment. You are getting a partner that will be there for your grand opening and every day after. Together, there’s no detail of your business that we can’t refine, reimagine or reinvent. And that includes your bottom line.
  • The 7xi is a revolutionary way to link members to stunning entertainment, social media favorites, effective fitness tracking and brand-building communication from you. It’s also an ingenious way to manage your equipment to expedite maintenance and service, which maximizes machine uptime.
  • All the data the 7xi collects is available on an open platform so it is the facilities to use in maximizing operation and building member loyalty.
  • The console features a fitness-optimized app interface with selective functionality. That means users can follow their social feeds and access entertainment favorites while they exercise, but they can’t attempt anything that could break the rhythm or interfere with their footing.


Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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