Get More Students Involved with Extreme Archery

If you are looking for a great way to get more students involved in intramural sports, look no further than Extreme Archery by Archery Tag. This inclusive sport, introduced in early 2011 as a way of reconnecting families, knows no boundaries on gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or athletic ability.

The game was created around the non-lethal arrow; developed and patented by Global Archery Products, Inc. This sport – commonly known as Archery Tag – is now enjoyed by millions of people in 67 countries around the world. Many play for the entertainment while others participate for the sport and competition. The learning curve is surprisingly simple. Most of the players have never picked up a bow prior to joining in and are quick to master the game.

Extreme archery game play is intense yet safe for participants. Injuries are virtually non-existent, as opposed to most every other sport. Global Archery is continually innovating and developing with an emphasis on safety. One such example of this is the face mask, arguably the most important piece of safety equipment. After four years of development, and thousands of hours of field testing, Global Archery recently introduced their own unique face protection which is unlike any other on the planet.

Their cutting-edge “Maverick Mask” offers the ultimate combination of wearability, ventilation, protection and fog-free vision. It is comprised of antimicrobial foam, integrated metal mesh eye protection and a Velcro strap, making adjustment easy for players of all sizes. One notable feature is how lightweight it is; a whole 0.5 pounds less than a typical paintball mask. The mesh grill provides supreme ventilation for easy breathing and clear vision, even for eyeglass wearers. The flexible, form-fitting foam offers non-slip protection of the face and ears while absorbing force impact. Additionally, cleaning the masks is a breeze.

With the popularity of extreme archery, inferior knockoff equipment and unsafe game play have been introduced under a variety of names, including those who try to pass themselves off as official Archery Tag brand equipment or providers. Archery Tag is the trademark brand of Global Archery Products, which holds several patents on the non-lethal arrow and other archery-related equipment.

Numerous college and university rec programs place their trust in the Archery Tag brand for their intramural and rec programs. Extreme archery by Archery Tag, played by anyone, anywhere. For more information about bringing this exciting, inclusive sport to your school, contact Global Archery Products at 260.587.4500 or email them at

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