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Nick Simon is the national sales manager for Alvarado Turnstiles. He’s been part of the company – located in Chino, California – for 15 years. Considered an expert on everything Alvarado, Simon sat down with Campus Rec Magazine to answers questions on the company and pull back the curtain to reveal who Alvarado Turnstiles is:

CR: Who is Alvarado Turnstiles and how do you help campus recreation centers?

NS: Alvarado is the longest running U.S. owned and operated turnstile manufacturer. Our solutions help rec centers automate the check-in process, allowing the attendant to be more effective with his/her time. Additionally, turnstiles and gates ensure only valid members are able to enter the facility.

CR: What best practices can you share around entrance design/security?

NS: Alvarado recommends a site visit with one of our team members so that we can have a better understanding of the application and goals of the client. During the visit, Alvarado provides a throughput review to ensure the facility has properly planned for the number of users that may be entering or exiting.

Additionally, sites will want to provide access for special needs and large equipment that may need to pass through the area.

CR: What advice would you share with a campus rec director for getting the most out of their turnstile supplier/vendor partnership?

AlvaradoNS: Communication. Alvarado’s goal is to understand the needs of each client so that we can tailor a suitable solution for the application and help set expectations.

Additionally, integration between the turnstile manufacturer and the membership software is critical. Alvarado partners with several membership software providers and we are willing to be a conduit between all parties, so each component of the project is in sync.

CR: What are some of the trends around technology/security/entrance design that campus rec centers should be aware of?

NS: Detecting tailgate attempts, automating the check-in process and integrating with membership software programs are features every rec center should look for in its turnstile. Alvarado understands campus rec centers have become a hub for student activity. It is important for turnstiles to not only function as designed, but to provide an aesthetic that does not take away from the architectural elements of the space. Alvarado can etch university logos, provide illumination in school colors and offer several other aesthetic options to help enhance the design of the entry area.

CR: Is there any advice you could offer around creating a secure and safe rec center?

NS: Alvarado optical turnstiles provide additional security through use of advanced optical detection that provides a notification when tailgaters attempt to follow an authorized user through the passage area. Use of Alvarado optical turnstiles greatly minimizes the opportunity for unauthorized entries into the facility and improves the integrity of the membership system data.

CR: Why should a rec center work with Alvarado?

NS: Alvarado is the longest running U.S. owned and operated manufacturer of turnstiles. We have a unique understanding of the needs for campus recreation centers and will act as a true partner during the process.

CR: Is there anything else our readers should know about working with Alvarado or installing turnstiles in general?

NS: Alvarado has representatives throughout the country that can visit and assist rec directors in evaluating solutions. We understand turnstiles are a unique, albeit critical component to the facility.


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