Growing Loyalty Through Inclusivity


We all know there are those who are just starting on their journey to experience the positive physical, emotional and mental benefits of recreational activities. Then there are those who are seasoned, goal oriented and well ensconced in their particular journey. But with each of these types of people, there also exists a wide array of different mental and physical capabilities that can affect their success.  

In fact, according to the CDC, 26% of adults in the U.S. have some type of disability. Are you doing all you can to help minimize the impact on the fitness programs of those with differing abilities in your facility?  

Update to Increase Inclusivity

Choosing to update your facility to be ADA compliant is a good start to inclusivity. If you have not already done this, finding a good ADA consulting firm to help with that process is a great first step. But why stop there? Since the ADA came into existence decades ago, many advances have been made in the designs and types of equipment that provide facilities improved accessibility and usability by greater numbers of patrons.   

EXTRA CREDIT: Three campus recreation leaders share how to create an inclusive culture through training, specialty programs, sports and equipment offerings.

While it is unlikely your facility will be able to accommodate every person and every capability, it should be your goal to continually strive to provide a facility that eliminates obstacles to personal fitness programs for as many people as possible. From providing simple signage, ADA access lifts and gym fitness equipment, there is a wealth of new and innovative products that can help your facility become more ADA compliant and inclusive to people with disabilities.  

The key to gaining and keeping your patrons lies in your ability to see and meet their needs before they even know they may have a need. Providing solutions to issues most people take for granted will not only make you a leader in your industry, but will provide you with a very loyal set of patrons. They will appreciate you going the extra mile in inclusivity to provide them the same opportunities that are afforded so easily to many other people.

Bruce Giffin is the vice president of sales and marketing at Aqua Creek Products. He has over 15 years experience in the development and manufacture of ADA compliancy products. Reach him at 

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