Hiring for the Fall at CSU Fullerton


As the spring semester wraps up and summer ensues, the industry is facing hiring challenges.

California State University, Fullerton’s (CSU Fullerton) Student Recreation Center recently started its hiring process for student staff for the fall. The Daily Titan released an article detailing the start of hiring and students’ opinions on it.

Here, Campus Rec Magazine caught up with Ken Maxey, the fitness center manager, to learn more about what hiring at CSU Fullerton has looked like in the spring of 2021.

Campus Rec Magazine: What is your student staff situation currently?

Ken Maxey: We have not received an official reopening date yet, but we are reaching out to our students to see who is interested in returning and figuring out their availability

CRM: How are you promoting hiring for the fall? What does your process look like amidst COVID?

KM: We are using social media and our newsletter to promote we have jobs open. We will be transitioning our Human Resource’s orientation to be virtual. Our trainings will be taking place in-person in smaller groups and in spaces that promote social distancing and keeping everyone safe.

CRM: What are the biggest challenges and how are you overcoming those?

KM: The biggest challenge is having students willing to come back. When the campus went virtual, a lot of students just stayed in their homes. which aren’t local. Some were not planning on moving back until the fall semester. So that has been tough. But we’re just working with students and trying to make accommodations when we can, such as virtual training, working with them on scheduling/availability issues, etc.

CRM: What tips can you give other professionals when it comes to hiring for the fall, especially in these times?

KM: Don’t be afraid to be different. Hiring is not what it used to be. The traditional systems we had in place have changed, so it is best be flexible, be mindful of your students — some who may have apprehension in coming back — and just work with them.

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Heather Hartmann
Heather Hartmann is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at heather@peakemedia.com.

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