Hiring and Retaining Quality Employees

quality employees

Today’s circumstances present unique challenges to acquiring and retaining quality employees. With recent events, there are more factors to consider when trying to attract talent and keep them.

In many places, competitive wages and flexibility to work from home are some of the primary concerns and of course, depends on the industry. However, there are a few other strategies to think about that may help add reciprocal value to the employee and employer. Here are just a few things to consider when it comes to hiring and retaining quality employees:

Company Culture

Today’s workforce wants to know there is meaning to what they are doing. Everybody wants to matter and feel valued. Be transparent with staff and really help them understand exactly why and how their specific actions influence the overall organizational goals and mission. Being able to eloquently tie their role to the bigger picture may help establish buy-in and commitment. This transparency can help bolster a trusting work culture and go a long way in guiding collective efforts toward common goals. Regular communication, support, and keeping the atmosphere fun and inspiring can also help tremendously.


Create fun challenges to keep staff engaged with the department and each other. Having fun fitness challenges or goals can create a fun competitive environment. It can also help keep employees close to team goals, all while having some fun.

Incentives for Quality Employees

Other than simply offering a higher wage, create incentives tied to performance. Get creative and look at this as a way to highlight employee performance and reward them for their performance.

Continuing Education

This is a great way to invest in your staff and really shows you support their growth. This may not be applicable to every staff member, but there are those who certainly have a desire to remain within the industry long-term. So, it could benefit your facility and users following a particular training experience.

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On the other hand, investing in continuing education for someone who may not plan to remain with you long term can be of benefit in the short-term if it supports the mission and adds mutual value. Although they may eventually leave, the fact they are on the team shows you already believed in them as someone who would add value to your company. If the opportunity allows, teach them something they can use while at your department and on their future journey.


Culture begins with solid leadership. To attract and retain employees, leaders should do everything possible to emulate the mission, vision and values of the department. Keep the environment inviting, trusting, fun, driven and inspirational. The culture starts with the leaders and kept up by teams who buy-in to the culture and influence others.

This last point is more of a reminder to remember to invest in you. Take the time to improve your skillset so you can better influence, lead and inspire your team to grow. This could be in the form of books, leadership summits, podcasts, participating in a Mastermind group or even finding a mentor. Take the time to grow yourself and this can put you in a better position to help others on your team grow as well.

This article is co-authored with Chase Isle, BS, NASM-PEC, CPT, PES, the co-owner/operator of Urban Fitness in Bozeman, Montana. He can be reached at chase@urbanfitnessmt.com, on Instagram (@urbanfitnessmt) or visit urbanfitnessmt.com.

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