How fitDEGREE is Benefiting Wichita State


Andy Sykes, the assistant director of health and fitness education at Wichita State University , shares why they are partnering with fitDEGREE and what benefits they’ve seen within campus recreation:

CR: How did you discover fitDEGREE and why did you decide to partner with them? 

AS: FitDEGREE reached out to Wichita State as they looked to expand through the NIRSA network, targeting university recreation facilities. The reason we decided to partner with fitDEGREE rather than alternative offers was due to their excellent customer service and consistently efficient communication. CEO of fitDEGREE, Nick Dennis, offered us a free trail with the software and we had good feedback from our patrons which steered us to the decision.

CR: How has working with fitDEGREE benefited your facility and students? 

AS: The primary reason we were interested in the fitDEGREE app was to manage our fitness classes. Our participants can use the app to see our class schedule, reserve their spot in class, see class sizes and communicate with each other instantly. This has advanced the service we are able to provide our patrons. In addition, we are able to post announcements instantly to the app, updating the students on our upcoming events, changes in the schedule and reminders of holiday closures.

CR: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with fitDEGREE in any way? 

AS: I have been delighted with the relationship I have built with Nick. He has consistently been available to answer questions and assist me pushing this software out to our consumers. I also enjoyed sharing feedback about the app so updates and improvements can be made. As with all contracts, our legal team had the contract going back and forth a number of times, but this didn’t stop Nick making the app available for us to start using while the contract was adjusted.  

CR: What are three things other campus rec professionals should know about working with fitDEGREE?

AS: Firstly, expect this to be the start of a great professional relationship. Nick has shown an interest in my background as the assistant director as well as the needs of our students so he can best serve us.

Second, fitDEGREE has a number of different options for pricing to accommodate the needs of different institutions.

Third, this is still the beginning for fitDEGREE. I see potential for a lot of growth and Nick has already shared some of his plans to expand the software. Get on board now.

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