How Robbins Sports Surfaces will Keep Raising the Bar

Robbins Sports Surfaces

Dave Fulton, the CEO at Robbins Sports Surfaces

Prior to joining Robbins Sports Surfaces in 2016, Dave Fulton was in the field of aerospace and defense.

“I joined the Robbins team to provide leadership in continuous improvement, strategy, and innovation,” said Fulton, the CEO of Robbins. “If you know any of the players in this market, you know there is no shortage of sports flooring expertise. Coming from outside of this industry has actually allowed me to be more objective and look at our products and service from a different perspective.”

He shares about his time at Robbins and what he’s learned since joining the team below:

Campus Rec: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

Dave Fulton: Family health challenges with my two daughters. One of my daughters has a severe gluten allergy, and the other has epilepsy. Both of these conditions were difficult to diagnose and created tremendous strain on our family. It took us teaming up with numerous resources over a long period of time to ultimately identify and treat both conditions. We overcame it by seeking out the best help we could find and refusing to settle until we had acceptable answers. These challenges have been incredibly humbling and taught me a lot about perseverance.

CR: What are the keys to your company’s success?

DF: Commitment to safety and performance. Our dealer network. Our employees.

CR: How does your company differentiate from competitors in the industry?

DF: Innovation and the 30 patents we own. We continue to push the envelope in the development of safer floor systems. We also go beyond sports floors and continue to bring new and exciting things to the marketplace and industry. Our most recent joint ventures include: GameTime, the first and only permanent vinyl graphics system for sports floors, and Artsman, a company committed to repurposing old gym floors to create memorabilia for fans and athletes.

CR: What is your vision for your company’s future?

DF: To keep raising the bar on safety and performance. We want to flood the market with safer floor systems that improve athlete’s health to keep them on the court and in the game. In addition, continue to improve and enhance the appearance of sports floors, as well as improve the speed and efficiency of the installation.

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Heather Hartmann
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