Installing InnoSoft’s Barcode ID at CSUF


When Ken Maxey arrived at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), they were already using InnoSoft. However, he wasn’t surprised.

“I have worked with several software companies in my career, and Innosoft has some of the best customer support I have experienced,” said Maxey, the fitness center manager at the school.

With the software system, the university uses both Fusion and FusionGo to run their systems. Maxey explained after seeing their willingness to go above and beyond in offering support, it made sense to partner with them. However, he is part of a new project involving InnoSoft at CSUF – installing a new barcode ID feature that will replace the hand scanner technology.

Below, Maxey elaborates on what he has found beneficial about the software system, as well as what he likes about the new barcode ID feature.

CR: Why did you partner with InnoSoft?

KM: From fast replies from tech support, to willingness to do screen share meetings, etc., they go above and beyond in providing the support the customers need.

CR: What do you like about their new barcode ID feature and why?

KM: The barcode ID feature will be replacing the hand scanner technology that was originally installed when the building was opened 10 years ago. Since then we have experienced the hand scanners outliving their usefulness and become increasingly more costly to replace and maintain. The barcode ID feature will allow patrons to use their smartphone in order to gain access. The barcode feature will also allow for increased reliability and reduce the number of error attempts a patron may need to go through with the current hand scanner technology.

CR: How is having one system running so much beneficial to your rec center?

KM: One system is beneficial to the center as it helps to maintain all the information in one place and makes it easier to pull informational reports, financial reports, etc. to provide for ongoing assessment of our center and the practices.


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