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Innosoft Canada Inc. specializes in recreation management software. InnoSoft’s main product “Fusion” assists facility operators with managing their recreation facilities – from membership management and equipment checkout through to controlling access via turnstiles and card readers. Furthermore, Fusion’s online services portal is used by clients to offer course registration, membership sales and facility bookings to customers — all from the convenience of their web browser or mobile device.

Craig Decker, the associate director at West Virginia University, shares his experience working with the company.

What makes Innosoft Fusion an appealing software choice?

CD: When making a choice for software, you want to look at multiple vendors in the space. As you go through various demos, the first thing I recommend looking for is functional depth. Next, rate the user interfaces of each software. On the front end, considered how intuitive and easy-to-use each software’s interfaces would be for your student staff, ensuring you select a program you can quickly train your many student staff on. Furthermore, look at the configuration options and flexibility of the backend of each software. I find that Fusion provides the best blend of user-friendly interfaces and functional depth.

Obviously, there is a learning curve with everything you buy, but we found the InnoSoft’s onboarding team to be extremely helpful and patient as we learned how to configure Fusion.  The big thing about InnoSoft is that their main market is campus recreation. Thus, you can tell that their interfaces and functionality were built for our needs. Also, as so many of their clients run into the same business challenges, you can tell that the InnoSoft support team understands what it’s like to operate in a campus recreation environment.

How would you describe working with Innosoft from a customer service standpoint?

CD: InnoSoft’s online support resources are great. The site’s knowledge base is extensive and is full of helpful articles that can be shared with colleagues. Also, I can’t say enough about the people at InnoSoft. I love them. They are all very helpful and direct when they need to be. They don’t overpromise or undersell.

What would you tell other recreation professionals about the benefits of working with Innosoft?

CD: They focus on the campus rec market – this is their bread and butter. We are not an afterthought for them. I have used many of the competing softwares and I always found them to have functionality that wasn’t built specifically for campus recreation. Furthermore, I always felt like a small fish in a very large pond when it came to submitting new feature ideas, as anything I submitted never seemed to be considered. But with InnoSoft, I see new, beneficial functionality on a frequent basis because they are in the campus recreation space. Coupled with the fact that Fusion is so easy to use and understand, I won’t hesitate to recommend InnoSoft’s solutions to any campus recreation department looking for software.


Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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