InnoSoft’s Impact at the University of the Pacific


Marc Falkenstein, the director of campus recreation at the University of the Pacific, shares on partnering with InnoSoft and the benefits of having one system run so much: 

CR: How did you discover InnoSoft?

MF: I first learned about Innosoft while working at the University of Florida(UF) in 2009 to 2010 and wanted to partner with them after hearing the success of the implementation at UF.

CR: Why did you partner with InnoSoft?

MF: Our department chose to partner with InnSoft because their software met all the needs of our department, is extremely user-friendly to our staff and members and has allowed our campus community to have a one stop shop for their campus recreation resources.

CR: What InnoSoft products do you use and why?

MF: We use InnoSoft Fusion, FusionIM and FusionGO.  The InnoSoft Fusion Suite allows our membership to have one consistent system to access all of our programs, services and facility information.  The ability to have our entire department sharing one system allows for a more powerful experience for our members and users.

CR: How is having one system running so much beneficial for your rec center?

MF: The ability to run one system allows us to collect our data for all programs and services in one location.  It has increased our department’s efficiency in service delivery, data analysis of our facilities and programs, and allows us to provide powerful data and reports to our university about the impact we are having on the campus community.

CR: How has FusionGO specifically helped with student involvement and interactions?

MF: FusionGO allows our department to reach our members directly through their preferred mode of communication – smartphone/tablet/mobile device.  The app allows our users to receive updates in real time as we make changes to programming or services, provide marketing/promotional information directly to users, and gather feedback about our programs and services.

CR: Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you about working with InnoSoft?

MF: Customer service.  I cannot begin to express how impactful their customer service is on our operation.  The responses are quick, solutions are found and implemented immediately, and they are constant seeking feedback from our department to help improve their technology and services.  


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