Team-Building Events Help Develop Utah’s Crimson Crew

Crimson Crew
At the core of every great campus recreation department is an excellent student staff, and the University of Utah is no exception. The Crimson Crew, a staff made up of enthusiastic and well-trained students, is the first point of contact for prospective students and the catalyst for a quality member experience. A cornerstone of the group’s growth is its healthy slate of events throughout the year that encourage team building.

“Our Crimson Crew student staff are the core of our department programs and guest experience we provide,” said Julian Gomez, the associate director for communications and outreach at the University of Utah. “Providing a welcoming guest experience requires a sense of ownership, teamwork and genuine belief in helping our guests achieve their goals. The Crimson Crew events serve a specific role in making that happen.”

The department hosts a wide variety of events for the Crimson Crew, from cookouts to workshops to pool parties. No matter what type of event is going on, it’s always focused on helping the Crimson Crew bond each semester. “In our experience, the Crimson Crew program and our Crimson Crew events facilitate employee morale, contribute to student success and help develop friendships that extend well beyond our doors,” said Gomez.

Check out some of the flyers for recent Crimson Crew events below:

Bobby Dyer
Bobby is a former staff writer at Peake Media.

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