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MicroFit, Inc. has been producing quality fitness/wellness assessment software and medical grade testing equipment since 1986. Several hundred colleges and universities have benefited by using a wide range of MicroFit products designed to:

  • Provide a comprehensive yet “simple to use” Fitness Profile software for campus recreation, human performance labs, Kinesiology – Sports Science classes, and for a growing number of personal training certification courses.
  • Provide comprehensive yet “easy to understand” reports which help to educate, and motivate participants to improve their health and fitness.
  • Provide a comprehensive Wellness Profile Questionnaire to identify specific lifestyle behaviors with constructive recommendations on how to improve a participant’s overall wellness score.
  • Provide comprehensive nutrition and exercise programming software to help fitness specialists, and other health professionals to offer their services more effectively.
  • Provide a full range of quality fitness testing equipment, including their advanced FAS-2 System and integrated accessories which has been their signature product for over 30 years.

Carolyn Kuzontkoski, the associate director recreational programs and facilities at Kennesaw State University, tell us about her experience working with the company. 

How were you introduced to MicroFit?   

Carolyn Kuzontkoski: We based our decision to work with MicroFit on a number of factors including personal recommendations from other users as well as industry research. There are several other user groups on our campus, so we had the advantage of seeing first hand how simple the system is to use and what a helpful tool it can be for our patrons. Our research also indicated that there really was not any other system out there that could offer the same services with the same level of ease.

What are the benefits to your recreation center?  

CK: For our patrons, the information provided by the MicroFit Assessment can be an invaluable resource to help them reach their goals. Motivation is a major barrier for many of our patrons and having the correct tools in place to assess success can make all the difference. We also try to encourage out patrons to think “outside of the weight scale box,” The MicroFit assessment includes estimations of cardio respiratory fitness, flexibility, strength, etc., which helps us to educate and inspire our patrons to consider big picture image of their fitness not just pounds lost or gained.

What are the benefits to the students?  

CK: Working with MicroFit has proven beneficial not only for our patrons, but also for our staff. Our personal training staff gets extensive hands on experience providing fitness assessments for patrons. We have a very strong exercise and health science program at Kennesaw State University and most of our personal trainers select this as their major. The science-based assessment offered through MicroFit reinforces what our personal trainers learn in the classroom. Upon graduation, they are more capable and confident in their skills as a result.

What else can you tell rec professionals about the benefits of MicroFIt?  

CK: We are extremely satisfied with the MicroFit system itself as well as the personalized customer service. It is rare to find a fitness tool that is simple to use and yet provides such helpful information. We recently purchased two additional systems for our department, one of which included the new treadmill system. Our staff is very excited to share this new option with our patrons and the new possibilities for services it will provide.


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Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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