Kiefer USA FitZone Multi Performance Flooring System

Kiefer USA

Kiefer USA offers the Ultimate Performance Flooring for Recreational Facilities.

FitZone Multi is a Flooring System that is specifically designed for activities such as Group X, TRX, yoga and Pilates. This flooring provides increased shock absorption, and protection against fatigue and risk of injuries. FitZone’s surface facilitates fluid and safe movements, without blocking or slipping, therefore protecting the joints and muscles involved in the exercise. Tests carried out on FitZone Multi demonstrate its high ability to absorb impacts (40 percent), therefore reducing the risk of stress on the joints, and medium to long-term injuries.

Transform your room in a day with FitZone Multi, easy to install interlocking tiles! FitZone is a revolutionary flooring concept that unites three crucial components vital to today’s end users.

  1. Vulcanized rubber top layer provides unsurpassed wearability, proper coefficient of friction, point load protection and unparalleled stain resistance with ease of maintenance.
  2. The exclusive cushion layer provides a point elastic system that provides up to 40 percent shock absorption (ASTM F2772).
  3. The lower backing layer is a unique and patented layer to help the entire system become moisture resistant. Also, the engineered backing system incorporates a one of a kind nodule to prevent “creeping.” It also offers dimensional stability, important in interlocking flooring systems.

FitZone Multi is a 24” x 24” interlocking tile that is available in five colors, three of them closely resemble wood tones. Kiefer USA also offers FitZone Cardio, FitZone Free Weight, and FitZone Studio to Fit all your recreational needs.

About Kiefer U.S.A.

Kiefer U.S.A. is proud to offer a complete range of industry leading products for over 40 years for the educational and municipal marketplace. These products include health club, gymnasium, weight room, artificial turf, track and field, and locker room applications. We represent the finest manufacturers in their respective fields. We are confident you will determine the surfaces and installation abilities offered by Kiefer USA are the best possible quality available in today’s marketplace.

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Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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