MFMA: Your Guide to Quality Maple Wood Sports Flooring

The vision of Maple Flooring Manufactures Association, Inc. (MFMA) is to be the leading worldwide authority for quality maple wood sports flooring around the world while supporting safe, environmentally-sound forestry management. Founded in 1897, the MFMA is the only authoritative source of technical information about hard maple flooring. The association publishes grade standards, guide specifications, floor care recommendations and specifications for athletic flooring sealers and finishes available from MFMA headquarters or for download from the MFMA website.

Architects, contractors, school officials and maintenance personnel regularly consult the MFMA with questions about the specification, use and care of MFMA maple flooring. MFMA’s goal is to balance technical standards with practical flooring system design to create uniform standards of performance for competition sports floors.

Daniel F. Heney, the MFMA Executive Director, answers a few questions about the company.

How did you get your start in the health and fitness/recreation industry?

DH: I started working for MFMA in 1995 as the Technical Director and became the Executive Director in 2008. I studied some architecture in college and worked in the commercial building industry where he learned the construction process through hands on experience. I enjoy the game of basketball and developed a love of the science involved in the floors the game is played on.

How can your company help collegiate recreation centers improve their facilities?

DH: MFMA provides almost limitless resources for recreation center officials to improve their facilities. From day-to-day operational functions like floor maintenance and proper environmental settings to recommended recoating and resurfacing schedules, updated resources for proper game markings and the MFMA Finish List which provides guidance in achieving the highest protection and most enduring beauty in wood floors. MFMA members supply the floor systems and floor finishes used in the NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments so you know we are a trusted resource.

What are the keys to your company’s success?

DH: Providing the end user with unbiased information about sport floor surfaces and providing MFMA staff whom are experienced in the floor responsibilities they deal with every day are just a phone call or email away. Our industry leading programs on performance standards (PUR Standards), finish testing and the MFMA grading rules. These programs ensure the end users get the highest quality northern hard maple flooring, sports flooring systems and performance-tested floor finishes in the world. The MFMA mark has become synonymous with quality.

How does your company differentiate from competitors in the industry?

DH: MFMA has been around since 1897 and our current staff has over 40 years of combined experience.  It’s hard to argue with that kind of dedication to the industry. We live and breathe sport surfaces and strive to make the information we provide the most up-to-date and relevant to the end user. Consistent enforcement of strict manufacturing, grading, packaging, shipping and installation standards make us unmatched in the industry. MFMA has attracted a membership of firms who subscribe to the high standards of quality for which the association stands. Each MFMA mill is subject to regular, unannounced third-party inspections to assure strict adherence to MFMA rules governing continuity of species, millage and grading of MFMA maple flooring. One of MFMA’s functions is to assure end users that all finished product is of the highest quality available.

What is your vision for your company’s future?

DH: I would like to see MFMA become more involved in the training of sport floor installers through hands-on certification and increase the technical information we provide through social media and webinars.

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