Make Functional Fitness Accessible and Fun

Escape Fitness

Today’s students are vastly different from those of the past. Their campus rec center expectations go beyond treadmills, free weights and machines. They want to be coached and challenged; they want convenience, customization and connection; they crave fun … and a world-class experience.

So, how can you transform an underused campus rec center into a thriving, approachable, functional training environment tailor-made for your Millennials and Gen Zs? Technology. But, not just apps or web-connected treadmills. To be future-ready, you need a truly interactive platform that makes functional training safe, effective, accessible and fun … you need the FunXtion Interactive Platform.

In partnership with FunXtion, Escape Fitness debuted its new FunXtion Interactive Platform at NIRSA. Hundreds of colleges test-drove and loved the cloud-based, multi-device solution harnessing technology, intelligence and gamification.

FunXtion Interactive includes a gym-based Interactive Station + App + Website + Wristband and uses Escape’s exercise library and equipment so users can learn 1,000+ exercises and record performance–plus get an activities overview; goal-driven workout regimens; video demonstrations; timers; statistics tracking and more–to train anytime, in or out of the gym, with or without a trainer. Get the most out of your campus rec center and watch it thrive:


Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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