Making it a Fun-out with Hybrid Workout Solutions

hybrid workout

Sometimes we get so caught up in a workout, we forget to have fun.

In fact, that is the basic summary of one of my favorite quotes from Tonya Gutch during “The Future is Fusion” webinar that took place Tuesday, February 12. “It should be a fun-out versus a workout,” shared the Precor Master Coach. I chuckled to myself at her words and couldn’t agree more. We each need to remember to have fun as we get our sweat on; the same goes for your rec center and its users.

The overarching idea behind the webinar was creating hybrid workout solutions that would engage students. Gutch’s thought is they should have the mindset where they are excited to leave class in order to get to your rec center. It goes back to the concept of recess and how that was many people’s favorite subject in school.

But how do you go about creating successful fusion classes?

First, it begins with looking at trends and seeing what students want. Gutch named five of the top trends in 2019 from which she built the foundation of her fusion classes: wearable technology, group training, HIIT, reaching active aging students/faculty/staff/public, and bodyweight training.

From there, she noted six tips when it comes to creating a successful fusion class:

  1. Include the whole person.
  2. Have well thought-out programming.
  3. Do it during the right time of day.
  4. Have appropriate music.
  5. Make sure you have correct lighting.
  6. The temperature of the room needs to fit the programming.

She also gave practical tips to increase your use of space, and Gutch noted how simply asking questions at the front desk of what students would like to see is powerful. She also highlighted four fusion class ideas in great detail, giving the audience some substantial takeaways to try and implement.

All in all, she made some great points as to the future of training. Fusion fitness classes and/or hybrid workouts combine multiple disciplines of fitness, making the most of your users’ time.

If you’re looking for creative hybrid workout programming, this webinar is one of your best bets to get the details. Check it out by following the link here.

Heather Hartmann
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