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When it came time to replace their previous treadmills, Rachael Finley, the director of campus recreation at York College of Pennsylvania, looked to Matrix Fitness for the durability and reliability of their equipment. Below, she shares her experience with the company and its products:

Campus Rec: How were you introduced to Matrix Fitness and why did you decide to partner with them? 

Rachael Finley: I met Marc Loomer years ago, before he was even with Matrix, and when he started working for Matrix we reconnected at a NIRSA Conference, but at that point I did not oversee any of our equipment purchases. A few years later I moved in to my role as director of campus recreation and when it came time to replace the Matrix treadmills we already had, I got in touch with him. Even though we had not previously purchased directly from Matrix, the transition made sense financially and for our users.

CR: What are the benefits for your rec center as a result of this partnership? 

RF: The Matrix equipment has been very reliable, durable and user-friendly. Also, we are planning a “Sprint 8 Challenge” program this fall because it is already equipped on the machines and will be easy for participants to engage with it. Being a small program with limited resources, it is a great benefit to have the ability to do programming that does not take a lot of human resources to administer.

CR: How do students benefit because of this partnership? 

RF: Students benefit from the cost of ownership savings we see using Matrix equipment because it allows us to get more bang for the buck. Also, due to the quality and reliability of the product, we rarely have inoperable equipment to disrupt their exercise routines.

CR: How have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Matrix? 

RF: I’ve been surprised with their response to questions or requests I’ve had. Many times my questions or clarifications about different things are followed up with a visit or phone call to check in to make sure everything is running smoothly. We are a small program relative to some of their other clients, but we still feel important.

CR: What would you tell other recreation professionals about working with Matrix Fitness?

RF: They make it easy and their products are durable and reliable.

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