Matrix Builds a Two-Way Relationship with South Alabama


Matrix offered a two-way relationship in partnering with the University of South Alabama.

Brian Allred, the director of campus recreation, said the company’s words and actions spoke to their desire for the mutually beneficial partnership that has blossomed.

“The word ‘partnership’ kept coming up throughout the process. It was this linking of our mutual goals that really separated Matrix from the others,” he said. “They did everything before and after the partnership began to meet every expectation we had.”

Below, Allred shares more on South Alabama’s partnership with Matrix and what other campus recreation directors should know in partnering with the company:

CR: How did you discover Matrix and why did you decide to partner with them?

BA: When we began searching for our second generation of cardio and fitness equipment we took a broad approach, looking at most of the industry leaders in fitness. I thought it was important to not only have complete faith and trust in the equipment itself, but also who stood behind that equipment. It was this combination of industry leading designs and innovation with the equipment itself, but also the relationship with the regional reps. It was very clear to me that they were proud of the product they represented and the importance in building a one-on-one relationship between Matrix and the University of South Alabama.

CR: What are the benefits of the partnership?

BA: Although there were several impressive companies that offered good products, I felt Matrix met our needs the best. The primary benefit to our partnership with Matrix is the feeling in both the words and the actions of the company to foster a two-way relationship that is built on mutual success. It was very clear to us that Matrix wanted to tie their reputation and product to our student and staff satisfaction in that product.

CR: What would you tell other recreation professionals about working with Matrix?

BA: Although there are many fine companies that deal in fitness equipment, I would recommend anyone who is in the market for new fitness equipment to reach out to the Matrix people. See if you feel the pride and vision that they have represented in both product and the one-on-one partnership they believe in.

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