Member Assessments Ensure Success


Successful fitness business owners know member and client assessments correlate with improved retention and stronger sales. Movement assessments are helpful tools to determine where a client is for targeted, effective programming. While they have value, assessments can be subjective and time consuming.

TRX MAPS simplifies the process and gives you real-time, objective information about an individual’s mobility, activation, posture and symmetry — all in 30 seconds.

Here’s how it works: An individual performs three overhead squats while the device collects more than 2,000 data points. Results are delivered on-screen and via email with targeted exercise plans that address areas of weakness.

Personal trainers better understand a client’s physical capacity; it’s also a great way to engage members, gather leads and drive PT sales.

Since implementing TRX MAPS at JCC Rochester, Fitness Director Rachel Maxon has seen a significant boost in revenue.

“In four months, TRX MAPS has already paid for itself about five times over through increased personal training sales,” she said. “The new members love it … it’s a differentiating factor for us as a club.”

TRX MAPS is proven to attract clients, engage members and drive conversion. Who doesn’t want more of that?

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