New AirdyneX™ Adds Durability to Airdyne® Pro Bike 


Now available for campus recreation centers, the new AirdyneX air bike from Octane Fitness was adapted for commercial use from the iconic Schwinn® Airdyne Pro.   

“As part of the Nautilus family of brands, we recognize the time-tested popularity of the Airdyne, and have refined this gym mainstay for high-volume daily usage,” said Ryan Simat, the vice president and general manager of Octane Fitness. “The AirdyneX expands Octane’s lineup of premium, zero-impact cardio equipment that delivers efficient, effective total-body workouts worldwide.”  

Performance Redesigned  

Totally intuitive, the AirdyneX accommodates beginners to athletes, and those who prefer a leisurely ride as well as individuals who want to go all-out. Featuring a 26-blade performance fan and a responsive, single-stage belt drive, the bike delivers virtually unlimited resistance and maximum efficiency by converting an exerciser’s effort to intensity. Pedaling slowly yields lighter resistance, whereas a faster cadence results in greater resistance.  

Because the fan enables exercisers to produce more power efficiently, they burn more calories on the AirdyneX compared to other fan bikes at the same RPM for better results.*  

Ideal for the cardio floor, functional training areas and small group training sessions, the AirdyneX includes effective HIIT workouts, with a 20/10 interval program, a 30/90 interval regimen and a custom interval routine. A motivating tachometer on the console signals how hard exercisers are working, including the average calorie burn per minute, which drives users to push themselves to bury the needle. 

Calibration technology delivers accurate and consistent results from bike to bike, so the AirdyneX is ideal for group challenges or competitions.  

Octane’s signature cushioned MultiGrip handlebars let exercisers choose from horizontal or vertical placement options to target different muscles and add variety. Users also can isolate the upper body by taking advantage of the anti-slip stationary foot pegs.  

The cordless, compact bike boasts Octane’s trademark solid construction, with a moisture-repellant frame, reinforced steel cranks and reinforced steel handlebars. The value-priced AirdyneX attracts multiple exercisers and delivers maximum ROI.    

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**Engineering internal study versus a leading competitor fan bike at the same RPM. Individual results will vary. 

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