New Zero Runner from Octane Fitness


Octane Fitness, a Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE:NLS) brand, is revolutionizing the cardio floor at colleges and universities worldwide with its new ZR8000 Zero Runner, which reinvents running by eliminating repetitive impact. For the first time, exercisers and facility operators can capitalize on the first true alternative to a treadmill, delivering all the benefits of walking and running, but without the excessive stress to the body or high cost of operation, maintenance and service.

The new Octane Zero Runner offers the same great workouts as the treadmill, but without any jarring impact to the body. And the unique Zero Runner frees facilities from the additional cost of maintenance, service and downtime. Built with cutting-edge innovation, and without a belt, deck or cord, the self-powered Zero Runner adds excitement to your cardio floor while maximizing the ease of ownership.

Zero Runner exercisers can replicate the same strides they use outdoors, where they can focus on their glutes and hamstrings more fully than they can on a treadmill’s moving belt. And unique stride tracing technology (smart console only) enables users to monitor their stride throughout workouts for stronger form and better results.

Unlike anything else, the Octane Zero Runner features independent hip and knee joints that enable exercisers to replicate real running motion without any impact. Without painful, repetitive pounding, now anyone can comfortably walk, jog or run with strides up to 58 inches.

What’s more, facilities using the self-powered version of the Zero Runner save 100 percent on the electrical costs of a treadmill, which are estimated to be hundreds of dollars annually. And because the Zero Runner does not require belt, deck or roller maintenance, facilities save thousands of dollars in parts and labor versus a treadmill over the life of the machine.

Plus, the compact, quiet Zero Runner offers a distinct competitive advantage, attracts students and enhances frequency. Fuel your facility and your bottom line with the Zero Runner.

Experience running reinvented at the NIRSA show – Booth #910

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Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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